5 Worst Living Englishmen

As always, ranked in ascending order of awfulness:

  • Simon Cowell — there is a persistent school of thought that come The Glorious Day, this wanker should be executed for Crimes Against Music
  • Russell Brand — un-funny comedian and socialist
  • Piers Morgan
  • Tony Blair — no explanation needed
  • Jeremy Corbyn — current Labour Party leader (at Mr. Free Market’s insistence).

Your suggestions in Comments. I’m especially looking for input from my Brit Readers, here.


  1. I will give Morgan one small bit of praise: since he’s friends with President Trump, he won’t put up with unfair attacks on him.

    Blind squirrel, nut, etc.

  2. My candidate will almost certainly be an unpopular one. He is certainly contrary to some of the ideas expressed on this page. Kim, apologies in advance.

    Winston Churchill

    Here’s why . . . when Sir Winston first learned of the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack, it is reported he danced with Joy, knowing that the US could not stay out of WW2.
    If anyone here has not read “Dead Wake” by Erik Larson, I suggest it. Author Larson presents the suggestion that Churchill, then head of the British Admiralty service, could have done a LOT more to prevent the torpedo sinking of RMS Lusitania. It is well known that the loss of a significant loss of American lives from that sinking played a pivotal part of the decision for the US to enter The War to End All Wars.


  3. Chris Chibnall. He transgendered Doctor Who into a woman. I know, I know, it’s a silly sci-fi show about a time traveller from another planet who can completely change his appearance, but still.

    1. IIRC it’s also the Doctor’s 13th incarnation and he was only supposed to have 12.
      Perhaps the Powers That Be told him, “You can reincarnate again but you have to come back as a woman.”
      The Doctor’s reply, “Bollocks! Oh, what the Hell.”

  4. When it comes to awfulness, I focus on traitors rather than enemies. So I would substitute John Major and David Cameron for Blair and Corbyn. You specified men otherwise I would have another idea.

    1. Whenever one of my friends from the UK tries to tease me about Trump, I usually bring him up.

  5. One of the regulars in S. Weasel’s Celebrity Dead Pool has nominated Gordon Brown over 80 times.

    As for me, I would suggest Arthur Scargill, who is a Stalinist. Really.

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