Long-Term Thinking

By nature, I’m a planner — not the obsessive type who has to have my future planned down to the last detail, but I do prefer a certain orderliness in my life. Chaos sucks, and the entire human condition is predicated on imposing some sort of order over chaos, which is why I hate anarchism. (When I was much younger, anarchy held some interest for me, but then I grew up.)

But there are different kinds of long-term thinking, and I love this kind (as sent to me by Mr. Free Market):

Coffee, meet nostrils.


  1. I did something similar to my duck hunting buddy. He still isn’t comfortable in the deep woods in the dark walking toward the slough. He doesn’t like it when I hoot at the barred owls and get them stirred up. So I put the skeleton just off the path. Good clean fun.

  2. Clothes and shoes. Artistically rotted clothes and shoes would have been the perfect touch. Maybe a Bernie or Antifa t-shirt.

    1. No need to artistically rot. Put them on and time and the elements will do their weebly wobbly timey wimey thing.

    1. FIeldsy,
      Find some 19th-century clothing and dress the skeleton first, for bonus future puzzlement.

  3. I love this. I have not done this, but I have buried a roadkill duck with a raccoon skull. Someone’s gonna dig that up and say WHOA.

  4. Love it. Daughter is deathly afraid of zombies, who knew? Gots me a molded epoxy ‘lawn zombie’ crawling out of the ivy by the front door. She hates it. 😉

    1. I-40 west of Flagstaff, AZ there’s a section that winds through rolling hills covered in what I think are lodgepole pines or something related. Has a distinct prehistoric feel to me. Want to make a life-size velociraptor silhouette out of something weather resistant, paint it black and park it peeping out from the trees along the highway. Then set up a ‘raptor cam’ pointed at the highway and wait for the fun…

  5. The SO and the Coroner are gonna be pissed when they realize it’s plastic. The guy who rips that deck up someday will stop as soon as he sees the skull. Then the Coroners office will rip up the deck the rest of the way, get all sweaty and shit. I would love to be there 😂

    Trolling in real life time capsule, level: EPIC!

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