I am SO glad I am outside the mating game, or rather, the mating nightmare:

The mate landscape is now so bad for American beta males that they’re wifing up late 30s Wall victims and aged feminist careercunts for one or two, max, years of tolerable sexual relief with a rapidly depreciating ASSet who will get her one kid with him after wasting her prime bangability on the cad carousel quaffing birth control pills like vitamins, and who will unceremoniously divorce rape him after the beta dupe has pitched in to help raise the little snotbag during the most inglorious, dull, and thankless years of its life between birth and toddlerhood.
No joys of fatherhood for you!
Only everlasting financial servitude and psychological destruction.
A sex market that rewards this sort of dynamic is irretrievably broken. We are spitting in the face of millennia of sex polarity, denying the God of Biomechanics his tribute. Instead of passionate love marriages with young women notarized by multiple children, we have socially expedient striver marriages in which haggard careerist shrews on perpetual headache mode diddle the bean to Fifty Shades of Gay and suck dry the resources and emotional commitment of beat-up fap-weary sex-starved limp beta noodleboys before chucking them to win cashmoneyshekels right at the moment fatherhood presumably gets interesting for the damned fools.

I love the way this man writes, but I’m ineffably depressed about his subject matter. Unfortunately, what he’s saying cannot be gainsaid, and therein lies the pity of it.



  1. Distilled: Don’t marry or impregnate a train wreck. Or, better said by my mother 30 years ago when I was in junior high: think before you choose a path, and don’t let your dick be your compass. Most of the article sounded like the typical whining MRA bullshit mixed in with stuff than any adult male should already know by having survived into his mid 30s. And the YHT stuff? Utter shit. If I hadn’t been married for so long and were dating, the last thing I’d want was anything to do with anything female under the age of 35. I’ve done callow, emotional, and ungrounded; it all feels the same at the end, anyway. I’ll take calm, self-assured, and the wrinkles that go with those any day of the week.

    1. Most women aren’t gold diggers. They are honest and devoted wives and mothers. Hubby and I were just under 40 when we married.

  2. Didn’t marry til I was 33, wife is 2 yrs older, just celebrated our 27th. Seeing the crap my sisters put their wannabes through I decided to wait til they’d grown up.

  3. As an engineer, I will look at the numbers. On total, about 30-35% of marriages end in divorce now (people throw around the 50% number, but that was only ballpark true during a very brief period in the late 70’s and very early 80’s and even then it was below that). https://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/02/upshot/the-divorce-surge-is-over-but-the-myth-lives-on.html

    However, the divorce rate where both members regularly attend church are something around 50% less than that (roughly 15-18% to do the math for you) and a little better than that if they both attend the same church for what I think is likely obvious reasons. http://pik.fas.harvard.edu/files/pik/files/chapter.pdf Note that this is a function of attendance, not belief – I think the likely mechanism there is that if a belief is not strong enough to impact action in going to service, it is not likely strong enough to influence decisions on life events like divorce either.

    Of course that means if both husband and wife DON’T go the same church and regularly attend services, the divorce rate is actually higher much higher than 35%, and probably well over 50%.

    As a side note, I hate this talk about Beta male and Alpha male crap. If you think you are a Beta male, then stop. We aren’t animals, we can control our actions and people will relate to based on how you relate to them.

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