Great Moments In Stupidity #1,254

I remember once going to a class at university, and after the very first lecture deciding that this class was not for me because the professor was a.) a self-righteous do-gooder and b.) clearly incompetent, so I was not going to learn anything from the class and it would be a waste of my time. So I quit the thing and found another professor more to my liking who taught the same course. But I didn’t make a fuss about it — note how in the above story there are no names, no course titles and not even a specific college mentioned. It was a personal decision.

So you can imagine how I felt when I read how this journalista published an article about why she didn’t want her two-year-old child to be taught by fatties in kindergarten, and was then shocked — shocked! — when the fatties and their camp followers responded with vitriol.

Frankly, this little saga just gives me fuel for my forthcoming work, “Why Journalists Should Not Be Allowed To Vote” (a four-volume set, publishing date TBD).

Let’s ignore for a moment her specious reasons why she wouldn’t want a fattie to look after her kid, despite said fattie being “clearly a lovely woman: kind and great with children”, but equally clearly (to Mommie Dearest) a Bad Influence On An Impressionable Young Mind Because Fat. (I have no argument against this attitude because I’m also a fattie, and I’m sure a lot of women wouldn’t want me to teach their Precious Little Darlings either, albeit for slightly different reasons. Unless they wanted little Tyffenny to learn how to shoot, of course.)

No, what gets up my nose is that this priceless moron had to blab to the world about her silly philosophy — i.e. going to great lengths to shame fat people (and yes, she was doing precisely that), and then being bewildered when the reaction turns nasty.

Why couldn’t she simply have taken her kid out of the kindergarten and shut up about her reasons for doing so?

I dunno what it is about the modern world: why people do stuff like make decisions about situations, and then seek some kind of attention about that decision — for approval or validation, maybe? — by telling everyone about the reasons for that decision?

I know, I know; maybe Our Intrepid Scribe thought she’d be giving a voice to all those other people who want to snatch their children away from The Great Fattie Influence, and maybe she has. I’m sure a lot of people (mostly skinny, censorious busybodies, I bet) were nodding along in agreement with her original thesis. Well, I guess they aren’t as numerous (or at least as vocal) as the International Fattie-Symp Set.

Myself, I’m just enjoying the show: people who think that obesity is not only unhealthy but also a sin, versus people who think that everyone has a right to be obese, that “Fat Is Beautiful” withal, and that judgey people are Literally Hitler.

A plague on both their houses.


  1. Click through on the link. The woman picture there is also in the dictionary as a visual definition of the word ‘Harpy’.

    Amazing she found anyone who wanted to give her a child.

  2. So, of course, I had to read the article.

    “The only reason I’m slim (I’m a size 10), and by no means skinny (I have a tummy and thighs that jiggle), is because I watch what I eat and exercise regularly.”

    Humblebrag, indeed. Stretching the definition of “slim” more than her pedal pushers, too.

  3. “Why couldn’t she simply have taken her kid out of the kindergarten and shut up about her reasons for doing so?”

    Because there are whole generations of Liberal Left nitwits who have been brought up to believe that Virtue Signaling is a necessary and proper part of living. They literally cannot NOT do it. Since they have abandoned Christianity (for the most part), the idea of simply living a good life and keeping her yap shut doesn’t occur to her. It isn’t that all Christians do that, it’s that the idea is there if you want to see it, and she just hasn’t been exposed to it.

    To be fair, there are people on the Right who, like this twunt, simply cannot do anything without trumpeting their oh-so-holy reasons for do so. I call them assholes, too.

    1. Ya beat me to it, Mr. Schoefield.

      But both of you gentlemen are to be admonished for your gun handling skills. Shame on you! When your enemy is threatening to blow his own brains out unless you comply with his bullshit – you pass him your Colt (load it, rack it and tap it first) – and take cover until the comedy is complete!

      ‘Fat acceptance’ is another lefty sacred cow (didjya see what I did there? HAR HAR HAR!) – that can serve as a wedge to drive into the leftist progs. Progressive liberal and feminist fatties and chubsters are on a crusade to mandate that EVERYONE be respectful and tolerant of obesity so that the cankles don’t have to feel bad about themselves. They’ll go as far as telling us guys that we are all a-holes because we like slim, pretty women who are warm and loving instead of bitchy fat slags. (out of deference to our host I concede that some curvy women can remain attractive IF they take great pains with their appearance).

      But I digress: what we see here is something beautiful: the liberal left is eating itself. Empty headed virtue signalling granola gobblers are going to go to war with the fat ugly chubsters, most of whom are idiot 4th generation feminists. And for the record – no, your children should NOT be left in their care.

      Now, gentlemen – if you’ll kindly hand over your firearms and take cover, our leftist friends will put them to good use! You may have them back once the smoke clears… 😉

      1. The thing about ‘Fat Acceptance’ is that I really feel I should be for it. My Lady is fat (I can rest my chin on the top of her head and she weighs more than I do), My Lady was fat when I proposed. She has an eating disorder linked to childhood abuse. It is similar to anorexia, it just presents as overeating instead of self-starving. Consequently I have spent far too much time in group therapy sessions full of elfin waifs who look like teenagers…and are in their thirties. I despise the super-thin fashion industry and there is a special place in hell for whoever is responsible for “SHAPE” magazine; the cover girls of which somehow never have one (a shape, that is). I strongly suspect that, which we are getting fatter as a society, a lot of the ‘Obesity epidemic’ is the thin ‘beautiful people’ noticing that the fashion for thin is passing, and panicking.

        That said, the WAY that the Left is pursuing ‘Fat Acceptance’ (like the way they pursue a lot of issues that, on the surface, I would like to support) is stupid, wrong, and harmful. I feel that way about a lot of, maybe about MOST of, what the Left espouses. Indeed, this makes me despise the Left more than I think I would if they were simply for a spectrum of causes I considered flat out wrong. I wish there was a responsible environmental movement, but thanks to the Left there isn’t. I am generally in favor of allowing Gays to marry (what the hell are they going to do the the ‘sanctity’ of marriage that thousands of years of irresponsible heterosexual swine haven’t already done? Hollywood in particular.), but the way the Left is championing Gay/Trans/what-have-you ‘Rights’ is toxic. Seriously? You want to call people who have had themselves surgically mutilated heroic? WTF is wrong with you?


        1. Well… speaking as the reluctant father of a venomous, militant lesbian social justice warrior… for the vast majority of queers any ‘marriage’ will only be a parody of the real thing. There’s a few around, I suppose, that have their alternate sexuality but are otherwise reasonable people… but I haven’t met one yet. The left has made homosexuality a fashionable mental illness, and have done a spectacular job of white-washing it. I personally think they are going to try and do the same with obesity and pedophilia among other things… and I hate to say it but I suspect that they will be successful too.

          1. I’ve know a number of Gays who were no more unreasonable than the average man on the street; they tend to keep their heads down and get on with life. My position on Gay marriage is based on a belief that I don’t get to criticize the Gays who live a lifestyle of sexual excess and irresponsibility if I don’t offer them an alternative. Also; Gays who want to live monogamously should have legal protection from those that don’t….but lie. I used to be in the “let them have Civil Unions” camp, but quickly realized that no Civil Unions law, no matter how comprehensively written, would prevent petty morons from denying Gay couples thousands of kinds equality with marriage. The morons would, perhaps, occasionally be motivated by dislike of Gays, but most would do it simply for the simply bureaucratic joy of telling a citizen “no”. Even WITH marriage, it is going to take Gays at least ten years to get it pounded through the heads of assorted little-tin-gods “NO, the legislature and the courts are NOT kidding, now back the fuck down”.

            Look how long it is taking various Police departments to get the message “No, we aren’t kidding. There is no excuse you can come up with that justifies you stopping a citizen from filming you while you are in public, working on the public’s business.”

    2. During the recent statue kerfuffle, I was in a discussion on the Bookface.
      Basically, my take was (and still is) that the best way to treat Nazi loser wannabes is to just ignore them- for the same reasons one should ignore trolls or the Westboro losers.
      She, on the other hand, felt that if people didn’t get out and protest, we’d see Synagogues burned and a second Holocaust started right up, right then and there!

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