Quote Of The Day

From the Department of the Blindingly Obvious comes this realization from Simon Heffer of the Daily Telegraph:

“This Tory Party is not a conservative party.”

As we say in Texas: “Ya thank?”

What gave you your first clue, Simon? The announcement that the government was going to end combustion engines in cars without having the infrastructure planned to accommodate millions of electric cars? That people can decide for themselves what gender they are, and change their documents accordingly, with the Tory government’s approval? And, and, and… [300 examples of (not-very) Conservative Party policies excluded]

Let us never forget that British citizens were disarmed of their handguns by the Conservative Party, not Labour.

The Conservative Party in the U.K. would be, if seated in our Congress, a party of well-left-of-center Democrats. They couldn’t conserve rainwater in a bucket without spilling most of it.


  1. Quite right, which is why the UK is doomed. The people seem to want to be ruled by either the mid-left or hard -left. Real conservatives just don’t get elected. Getting to be the same here in Canada and coming at you Americans too.

    Ah well, here’s to Mencken, still right after all these years: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

  2. And similar in Australia. We have Labor (lefty) and Liberal (once was rightish). It was the Liberals who enforced major gun control, and continue to support a fistful of lefty programs.
    Why is it that the left want to control how other people live, and conservatives are none too worried about other people’s personal lives? Are the lefties plain bad-mannered? Immature? Or downright psychotic?

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