Back In The Saddle

Okay, we now have a new Internet connection installed here at Free Market Towers. I was warned not to thrash the British Telecom technicians who arrived to install it, which took some of the fun out of the whole thing. So I yelled at the oaf who does the laundry for screwing up one of my shirts, which made me feel much better*.

Anyway, apart from occasionally dropping the signal, all seems to be well with this latest magical apparatus; so now it remains simply to wade through a hundred or so emails that I couldn’t see before, and get in touch with friends and family to reassure them that I am still alive. Apparently, Daughter got a new puppy…

And there are some catch-up posts below, which I’d lined up in the queue whilst incommunicado. Enjoy.

By the way, I was told that I’m starting to sound more British — not the accent, just in my choice of words and the manner of speech.

Well, pip-pip till tomorrow.

*I do my own laundry here.


  1. *I do my own laundry here.

    Well, that certainly explains the frustration in your “voice”……
    it’s so hard to get competent help these days when you’re so far from Mexico.

  2. “So I yelled at the oaf who does the laundry for screwing up one of my shirts”

    Was he an oaf or a churl? Or possibly a lout or a dolt?

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