Too Many White Men

Apparently, some shitheads are getting upset because the new WWII movie Dunkirk features too many White men. I don’t know the exact racial composition of the actual event, of course, but I’m pretty sure that 99.99% of the participants (on both sides) were White.

Here’s another example of White Male Privilege, taken from an earlier conflict:

And yes, I know that there were hundreds of thousands of non-White combatants in WWI: Indians, Senegalese and various other colonial soldiers. But that doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme of things, because the overwhelming amount of suffering fell on the shoulders of White men, and indeed on the society which produced them.

Western European society was forever changed by those wars. The same cannot be said of the societies which participated, but were not.


  1. I’ve seen similar arguments back when I did (American) Civil War reenacting, complaints that there were no blacks or women in our company (actually some units DID have obvious women complete with make-up and earrings, but we refused. Our policy was that if a woman could apply to be part of our unit as a male, and convince us that she WAS male, she could belong, same as during the actual unpleasantness).

    I guess we need to make a choice between being historically accurate or politically correct…..

  2. Same feeling I had when I saw this promotional art for some videogame about World War One:

    Battlefield One

    I suppose they’re aiming to make sales in a certain segment of the market. Affirmative action–formerly known as “pretending”.

  3. Nice image. Funny how it seems that affluent, white women are the ones who are most oppressed.

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