Quote Of The Day

From Johnny Depp:

“Flying commercial would be a fucking nightmare.”

Note the subjunctive: Depp has a private jet. So would anyone with sufficient funds, because TSA.

And yes, I’m familiar with the trenchant and cynical Rich Man’s Maxim: “If it flies, floats or fucks, it’s cheaper to rent than to buy.”

And yes (Part Two), I know that Depp is a fuckup of a human being. Don’t care. He gets the (John) Barrymore Exemption because he’s a brilliant, exceptional actor.


  1. There are business jet charter operations. No need to buy your own…unless you’re buying something other than a Lear or Gulfstream. Real swank isn’t arriving in your own G-III, it’s arriving in your F-86 jet warbird.

  2. For context That quote is from a story on how he can seem to keep his expenditures less than his $ 50 + million income. His mangement team can’t say no to him and he spends $$$ like a drunken Pirate . If he dressed and behaved like a normal person. He could fly first Class with out problems. But then no one would pay any attention and he can’t deal with that.

    The whole reason he gets paid those big $$$ is because of his out of control behavior. The behavior generates publicity . Plubilictiy means more ticket sales for his movies. Rinse and repeat.

  3. Much of his acting is no different than his personal life. A FU of an acting job. He always plays, essentially, the same character; different role, same thing.

    I’m less than impressed. He’s not remotely brilliant, nor, frankly, all that exceptional.

  4. Rich Man’s Maxim #2:
    If it has wheels or tits, it’s a pain in the ass to someone.

  5. Oh, Kim!
    Johnny Depp CANNOT act. The Pirates of the Caribbean might be OK, but I do not know, because seeing Depp in the cast is a true ‘turn-off ‘.
    Johnny Depp and his then partner flew into Australia by private jet. He thought that gave them a status above quarantine rules, customs laws etc. So we had 2 useless yapping dogs in the Country, called Pistol and Boo. Prosecution followed. Although we do not do plea bargains in Oz, there was a deal, which produced a sorry publicity spiel by Depp and woman that they should respect laws of Australia. He still could not act

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