Sinking Ship

So it seems that Japan’s Kubota is leaving California for… tada! Texas, thus depriving the Golden (or really, Moonbeam) State of over 500 jobs. The new building will be in Grapevine, just north of DFW airport.

In the comments section under the article are the usual warnings to arriving Californians to leave their bad voting habits behind — I don’t know how many of them are going to make the switch, maybe about two hundred — but the most priceless remarks were about California, e.g.:

Kubota claims that the move is “to be closer to their customer base”, but left unsaid was the rest of the sentence: “…and far away from those lunatic California laws and politicians.”

Allow me to add my welcome to Kubota and their employees, as well as my advice that they leave their terrible California voting habits back in California.

As I’ve said before: Texas is a good state to live and work in because we’re not like California, so don’t try to change that. We have lots of room for people, but no room at all for Lefty politics.

Update: I originally referred to California as the Sunshine State, when as any fule know (except for me, at 6am) that it is the Golden State. My sincerest apologies to the real Sunshine State, Florida. And thankee to Reader mns for the correction.


  1. Far be it from me to correct the venerable Kim, but Florida’s the Sunshine State. Californica is the Golden State, so maybe a crack about tarnish or pyrite…. But I got nothin’; my coffee reservoir isn’t yet topped off.

    And, yeah, my hearty welcome to Kubota as well. Glad to have ’em.

  2. If people really understood how bad they were being screwed for green power every one of them would be trying to get out of CA…

  3. Good on em’. They make the finest tiny diesel on the market, glad to see them punch out of that asylum.

  4. CA should be known as the Golden Shower State. Especially considering how the politicians piss all over everyone living there.

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