She: Why the hell do men get so excited by the thought of women wearing leather?

He: It reminds us of that new car smell.


She: Does this outfit make my ass look fat?

He: Do you want to know the truth?

She: Yes.

He: You’re sure you want to know the truth?

She: YES!

He: I’m sleeping with your sister.

And one for the ladies:

Nostalgia #846

Why does this pic make me feel nostalgic?

  1. The cops are all men.
  2. They’re doing crowd control, but aren’t dressed up like Imperial stormtroopers.
  3. They’re ogling a pretty girl without some shrew accusing them of [insert feministical outrage of choice here].
  4. The girl is alluring, pretty and sexy; and yet somehow she manages to do all that without looking like a total slut.

Yeah, I miss the old days.

Should Have Been An A

From the Chateau comes this priceless ambition from a future leader:

(I know the thing is probably fake, but leave me with the illusion, willya?)

Had this young man (? if it was a girl, I’m gonna explode) been several years older, I would have pegged him as a Junior Reader. After all, I believe I once posted this little thought:

I think I’m going to get a few “Pinochet Was Correct” T-shirts printed. Hey, if the Left can do it with that murdering Commie bastard Che Guevara…

Long-Term Thinking

By nature, I’m a planner — not the obsessive type who has to have my future planned down to the last detail, but I do prefer a certain orderliness in my life. Chaos sucks, and the entire human condition is predicated on imposing some sort of order over chaos, which is why I hate anarchism. (When I was much younger, anarchy held some interest for me, but then I grew up.)

But there are different kinds of long-term thinking, and I love this kind (as sent to me by Mr. Free Market):

Coffee, meet nostrils.