1. Everybody needs to lose this “crammed down our throats” business.

    Come up with something else.

    Like, “…we’re just sick and tired of having their lifestyle ‘scraped across our ocular glands’ on a daily basis.”, just knock it off already.

    But in reality I believe it will require violence to force these misfits to keep their business to themselves.

    “Thought for the day”
    They have no compunction against forcing you to endure their presence so you should have no compunction against putting them in the emergency room.

  2. Twitter recently just banned her. Her rapist is still welcome on twitter, however.

  3. Sorry Juanita. There is no “we”. I oppose them and all the bullshit they are trying to implement.

  4. If you’re not opposed to mentally ill sexual deviants whose entire agenda comes down to gaining access to your kids when you’re not around, then you’re fucked in the head.

  5. I don’t care if you’re a pole smoker or a carpet muncher. I don’t even care if you get a peckerectomy or an adadiktomy. But when you go and try to teach little kids that this is normal, then we have a problem.
    So back the fuck off, groomer.

  6. (At the conclusion of a very brief moment noticing their existence way out on the fringe of my awareness), I say the same response to dope-fiends and politicians and cheesy grifters (looking at you, tony robbins) and preachers on televisionprogramming:
    * “NO!”
    I can go all the rest of my days without seeing or hearing about ‘The Entitlements Population’.
    An aside:
    The alleged ‘trans-gender’ mayor of PoodleSprings, California, proclaims tax-payers of PoodleSprings should not pay their hard-earned tax-payer money as a ‘Universal Basic Income’ to alleged ‘trans-genders’ in PoodleSprings.
    The mayor (preferred pronouns ‘he/she/itx’) proclaims that money should only come from federal tax-payers.
    [For my response, see above.
    You broke it, you bought it.]

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