News Roundup

Short — kinda like Michael Bloomberg — takes on the news.

1) Australian Navy Delivers 800 Gallons of Emergency Beer to Bushfire-Hit Townonly 800?  Can’t have been more than a dozen survivorsAt least the Oz squids have their priorities right.  The US Navy would have brought in useless shit like water, without Scotch.

2) Bernie Sanders garners the Slut endorsementthat figures [sic].  Here’s the slut in question:

3) Everybody Blames Trump For Starting The Train Of Events Which Made Iran Shoot Down An Airlinerokay, if we’re going to go back down the “blame” trail, it’s actually Jimmy Carter’s fault in the first place, for letting the murderous ayatollahs take over in Iran.

4) Prince Ginger and Princess Caring-Slut look for supplemental income streamsI think this says it best:

Sharing Rides

Over in the UK, somebody had an Uber drive from hell:

Uber driver , 51, exposed himself to young female passenger and asked her to perform sex acts on him

What struck me most about the above incident was that it took a whole year to get this asshole into court.  I don’t know if that’s peculiar to Britishland, but I have to think it would have taken less time Over Here.

The other thing I noticed was that the guy was an immigrant from a Muslim country, where such behavior would probably never have seen a courtroom — in fact, the passenger might have been arrested for being out and about unaccompanied by a male relative, had she dared to report the incident.

Still more interesting was the fact that the dickhead thought he could get away with it — that he wouldn’t be reported and even if caught would be let off with a slight reprimand, if that.

No wonder some of my female passengers are a little nervous.

Of course, were I the judge, I’d have sentenced Chester The Molester to a short prison term, but with daily ball-kickings.  And publicized the sentence, pour encourager les autres pervertis.

No doubt someone would have a problem with this.


I see that National Geographic has released a new map of Australia.

Old Map:

Since then:

New Map:

On the positive side, I note the complete disappearance of man-eating koalas, mosquitoes and poisonous snakes, all fuel for the Greens’ barbie (see below).

Now all that’s left is for the Aussies to find a way to set fire to the ocean, and the shark problem will likewise disappear.

Glaring Omissions

I note with displeasure the recent rise of attacks on Jews, and see that a couple experts have weighed in on why Jews should be armed.  (I would have thought that the events that led to the sentiment of “Never Again!” would have been reason enough, but anyway.)

In response, the article suggested six guns for Jews to carry:

  • Sig Sauer P365
  • Glock 17
  • Glock 19
  • Glock 43
  • Smith and Wesson M&P
  • Springfield XD

All good guns, and ones I would carry without a qualm myself (okay, maybe not the Glocks, because reasons).  However, considering that one of the above guns is German, and three others Austrian… I mean, I know  that Jews must have short memories because they appear to have forgotten all about the Holocaust (see above), but sheesh…

If I were a member of the Tribe, I would not only arm myself, I’d make a symbolic gesture by carrying one of these two excellent guns, from Israel’s own eeevil Zionist gunmaker, IWI:

The Jericho is a lovely piece (I’ve fired it many times myself) and the FS and RS variants are available in all three varieties:  9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP (and no prizes for guessing which caliber I’d choose, especially when the .45 ACP was built for a gun designed by a man whose middle name was “Moses”).  The bigger mil-spec Masada (which I haven’t yet had a chance to fire, damn it) looks like a decent piece too, but is only available in 9mm.

I can’t think of a better outcome than for a Jew to shoot a violent anti-Semite in the face with an Israeli gun.

About Hacks

One of the real pleasures I had while living at Free Market Towers a couple of years back was going out to the mailbox very early in the morning, retrieving the fresh edition of the Daily Telegraph, then reading the thing cover to cover while drinking my morning coffee, trying to finish it before the Free Markets woke up for breakfast.

If we had a decent daily newspaper Over Here, I’d subscribe to its print version in a heartbeat, but of course we don’t:  they’re all total shit, and of course infested with socialist hacks.

This isn’t, by the way, the modern-day meaning of the word, where “hacking” means breaking into someone else’s computer coding program, and “hacks” mean “shortcuts” or “gimmicks”.

In The Oldie days (explanation to follow), the word “hack” usually meant “journalist” — more specifically, a bad  journalist.  And in perusing the pages of a magazine I’d never heard of before (thankee, BritReader Jeff W), I found a lovely article about journalism, and journalists.

Of course, nowadays journalists are despised, and mostly deservedly so, for being hacks:  opinionated assholes who reveal their ignorance with every sentence they write (e.g. when talking about guns), and moreover, who write badly, unsupervised by editors who used to be a moderating influence, but who are now best described as “last week’s journalists” — i.e. no better than the journalists they’re supposed to be supervising.

But it wasn’t always like that.  Here’s an excerpt from the article I linked above:

It’s easy to maintain a simplistic stance if you never leave your desk. Google will reaffirm what you already know – or think you know. However if you take the time and trouble to go out and meet the people who are living through the things you’re reporting, and ask them what they think, you’ll soon find your opinions are tempered by reality. Real life is complex and contradictory. Successful columnists are often dogmatists, but good reporters are pragmatists. Regular contact with the folk they write about has taught them that life, and news, is rarely black and white.

It’s also easy to forget that journalists once had to follow an apprenticeship path before they could land a job with a prestigious — or at least popular — newspaper or magazine, that path being:  learning how to write proper journalese and prose in a small-town newspaper, and simple things such as interviewing subjects, collecting background material and in short, learning about the topics before committing them to print — all before graduating to a larger, or national publication.

It’s also worth remembering that this path seldom if ever required a university degree which, I think, stopped journalists back then from becoming part of the story:  as perpetual outsiders to the system they were reporting about, their job was to be skeptical about the topic — indeed, learning about the topic meant looking at it from all sides so that they could see through the spin being put on it by the interviewees.

Contrast that with today’s J-school poseurs, who graduate thinking that they’re qualified to write about everything, whereas in fact they’re unqualified to write about anything.  Nowadays, of course, they just parrot the spin because they literally don’t know any better.

Read the entire article:  like all good pieces of writing, it will educate you about the topic.  It will also increase your loathing for today’s so-called journalists, if that’s indeed possible.

And en passant, read a few more articles in The Oldie.  It’ll be worth your time.

News Roundup

…of all the stupid shit out there that isn’t worth a post of its own.

1) NRO advancing space technology, developing tactics to defend satellitesthat would be the first time that  National Review Online has done anything worth a damn.  [/snark]

2) Emma Thompson foresees us eating our petsto quote Truman Capote:  “Actors are stupid.”

3) Brennt Paris?quick, spot the picture where one of the protesters has borrowed a disguise from a 2020 Democrat presidential candidate.  (Spoiler follows)

4) Student jailed for saying what the rest of us thinkand yet, Muslims can say that Israel (and by definition, all Israelis) should be obliterated, without penalty.

5) Employers hate usbut they’ll take our money as customers, of course.

6) Charlize Theron can’t actsee #2 above.

7) Britain sees positive side of gun controlhere, here, here and especially hereand that’s just over the past 12 hours. (Hint:  one of those isn’t really a shootworthy thing, but it should be.)

8) Show yer bum for charity — oh, why not?

9) America’s love affair with guns is only getting strongertake that, Beto you has-been loser.

10) Headline of the yearwho would have thought that this was illegal in Britain?

Bonus points if you can identify the source of #3’s headline.