Still Confused, After All These Years

I confessed some time ago that I cannot tell various public figures apart — even if they look totally different — in that when one of their names is mentioned, their face does not come to mind and I have to look them up to see which one is under discussion.

Here’s the bunch I still cannot differentiate, regardless of time and effort:

One of them’s married to that strawberry-blonde tart with great legs, one was in those Hangover movies, two are Canadian, one’s a Mormon and one owns a Welsh football club [some overlap possible].

Which one is which?

Left to right:  Ryan Gosling (Canadian, Mormon), Bradley Cooper (Hangover guy), Ryan Reynolds (Canadian, club owner, married to the legs.)

Okay, TWO guys with the same first name who vaguely resemble each other:  can’t be faulted on that.  No idea why I associate the Hangover guy with them, though.


  1. Can’t say I have ever seen or heard of any of those people.
    I don’t have much interest in modern people, say, born after 1975.
    From what I’ve seen, most are full size children.

  2. The last third of “Jaws” takes place on a boat at sea with three men who aren’t conventionally “Hollywood handsome”, but who are certainly distinct from one another. If these three prettyboys, who are capable actors in their own right, had been cast in a remake, it would be a challenge to figure out who was who.

  3. None of the three can commit to a razor or a beard, they skirt that in-between zone that used to belong to Phil Collins.

  4. I have the same trouble telling the difference between the legs and their owners.

  5. Known Canadian Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson before Ms. Lively.
    I guess he trades boobs for legs.

  6. I think they’re interchangeable. would the strawberry blonde with the nice gams be able to tell the difference between them?

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