News Roundup

Speaking of snake-oil salesmen:

And in International News:

Speaking of which:

...I think he misspelled “Caliphate”, there.

On a similar topic:

From the Dept. of Education:

...can you spell “L-Y-I-N-G  B-A-S-T-A-R-D-S”, children?

In Tech News:

...we were not shown the poor innocent shopper’s race;  I wonder why that is?  Could this new software be having problems because all shoplifters look alike?

...more because of their “externalized penis size” perhaps, but I could be wrong.

In the Okay, Cupid Dept.:

...the real news is that the honeymoon night pics will be posted on OnlyFans.

And in the new and improved (not really)

...complaining, or bragging?  I report, you decide.

...yeah, whatever.  To be frank, there’s not that much cleavage to plunge into.  Now her legs, however, are definitely worth a little manspreading:

In fact, the back view is far more plungeworthy:

Amd that’s all the news worth diving into.


  1. One of the darkies fighting at the kindergarten brawl was named Dantavious. I always thought that was a joke name, like La’Trine or Da’Shite, but, well, you learn something new every day.

    Whatever the case, Just TNB.

  2. There was a small group, a duo or trio I think, who wrote utter nonsense and passed it off as an academic paper and they got it published in several journals. I wish I saved that article. I am not surprised at all that academic journals need to print retractions on a regular basis. Just on diet and medicine alone the “researchers” come up with some crackpot conclusion to their study only to have it refuted a short time later.

    dunno who random totty is but she needs to add some superstructure.

    Time to move on from Air Pinochet. Helicopters simply are not going to cut it anymore. what’s the largest cargo plane in the US? Is it the C5 Galaxy or Starlifter or something like that? can we install a hydraulic press inside to push the denizens out the back once sufficient altitude has been reached?

    DEI or more accurately called DIE needs to go. With the alleged abolition of these departments I have little faith in these colleges to truly expunge these racists from their staff. Just like the Democrat policy of Jim Crow and Segregation last century, it may be overturned on the books and no longer overtly practiced, but it will remain slightly below the surface and carried out in an underhanded and sneaky fashion.

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