What He Said, And More Besides

Actor James Woods is a well-known conservative, despite his profession and location, and in this case he’s right on the money, as usual:

Specifically, here, is the fact that Democrats make it almost impossible for small companies to survive, weighing them down with not only horribly-burdensome but hostile regulations (as above) like minimum wage dictates.

Then, when the inevitable happens and the small companies go out of business or sell out to larger ones, the socialists like Warren moan about the concentration of trade and the need for “more competition”.  (“Price gouging” as referenced by Warren here is meaningless and a red herring.)

May we remind ourselves of food rationing, endless lines formed to get what little food there was, and fixed pricing which led to the ford shortages in the first place?  Where was this so prevalent… wait, it’s all coming back to me…

Ah yes, in the Soviet Union, where the State owned all means of production and likewise the entire food chain.

And Warren, lest we forget, is an outright Stalinist whose remedy for the current situation here would involve State control of pricing (and of course of production and the entire food chain), just to make the market more “efficient”.

Do people like this ever experience cognitive dissonance between what they think and say, while constantly seeing evidence that completely repudiates their worldview?

Clearly not, and Woods has the absolute truth of it.


  1. Let’s not forget that in the Soviet Union the nomenklatura like her never had to queue.

  2. I am an architect and I do what I do mainly because I like it and not because of the money, which is not very much.

    In the past 2 years I have seen the amount of regulatory requirements from building and zoning departments soar to ridiculous levels.

    I am now forced to “copy n paste” entire paragraphs and more from the code books onto the actual construction documents (AutoCAD drawings).

    I like the design and drawing part of my job and always will. But that seems to be a very minor part of the whole thing and I’m not liking it at all.

    Just last night I told my wife it might be getting close to time for me to turn the computer off for good and go sit my ass on the porch and sip suds and fondle my shotgun like a 69 year old should.

    1. I had a covered patio installed earlier this year and the contractor told me he had holy hell getting permits from the city. The engineering drawings had to be re-done twice and there was several very specific arguments over nothing more than what it would look like from the street (i.e. the BACK patio might impact the street view). This in a very red city in a very red state. That’s not even discussing the HOA bullshit which I took care of, and which is insignificant to the discussion since the HOA is a choice. In any event that contractor confirmed exactly what you said, the last 2 or 3 years have seen a large shift in needless regulations beyond the simple build-it-right stuff.

  3. All of the above are why I left the charming metropolis of SoCal, and moved to a very rural county in NV, where we joke that we live under the provisions of the standards found on page N-One in the Code Book.

  4. Liz Warren and Ed Markey of Massachusetts are two of the most vile human beings, make that alleged human beings to walk the earth. Markey gets less press but he’s a certified oxygen thief.

    James Woods is absolutely right. The “party of misery” line is getting stolen and redistributed to Liar Watha’s FB page

  5. As with the food supply question, once the Silly People recognize their incompetence at choosing …anything and move to the wonderful cities, where they can receive proper care and supervision, the Good Folk will be free to elevate humanity to its next level.
    Hugo Gernsback, where are you now that we need you.

  6. Blaming wreckers and spoilers for the consequences of their preferred policy is as old a dodge as “false conciousness”. You’d think after 100 years they’d be laughed out of the room, but the reason these old commies keep using this stuff is because it works.

    Democracy is the premise that people upon whom this laughably transparent stuff keeps working get to have a definitive say in how you conduct your affairs and how much of your property you get to keep.

    1. Democracy – is it really best served by by popular election of officials? What would be un-democratic about filling offices by lot from a draft of people who previously served in a lesser position? If an 18-yo can be trusted to pick up a line and pull, not push, on it, why can’t she be expected to do service to her neighbors by sitting on the village select board? Note that governance is not a full-time occupation: all of the current tribe of politicos spend immensely more time running for office than they do filling it. No reason why office holders could not learn and practice a profession while serving as drafted legislators and officials.
      The Course of Honors worked well for several centuries; its failure was due to infection by careerists.

      1. If an 18-yo can be trusted to pick up a line and pull, not push, on it, why can’t [he] be expected to do service to [his] neighbors by sitting on the village select board?

        FIFY. Don’t let the Feministicals pervert the language.

        1. That was ‘she,’ not ‘they,’ so that makes it a trope, not a curtsy.

      2. the problem with public office is that not many people can take public office and then have a job to return to unless they run their own company whether it is a law firm, medical practice, real estate agency owner etc.

        Also, keep in mind George Carlin’s accurate observation of “imagine the average person and think how stupid they are. Now realize that half of all people are even more stupid than that.” do you really want to be governed by folks to are glued to Honey BooBoo or American Idol? If we’re just drawing lots to put people on the town council, state legislature etc, how many crack heads will get drawn? Jury duty already sucks now you’re going to put these folks in charge of legislation?

    2. When did matters change from “If you have skin in the game you can vote” to If you have a body temperature of about 37 C and don’t seem to be dead, or were deemed alive at some point in the past”?

  7. A little more on regulation-for-feels… there’s a lot of parallel here with the rise of the monasteries and their suppressing home brewing and monopolizing hops cultivation, which led to loss of the traditional gruited ales. Hops, unlike most of the gruit herbs, is a powerful soporific. Ultimately we got the reinheitsgebot and Bud Light.

  8. These united states of America were founded then built by freedom.
    The BOLSHEVIKS hate freedom and need to destroy it.
    The BOLSHEVIKS are an invasive species.
    For the health of the environment, invasive species must be eradicated.

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