News Roundup

And speaking of That Kind Of Thing:

...says the fat, unfunny mulatto lesbo.


...unless, of course, the “Disruptive Event” includes the satellite system.  Although I have to say, isolating the Senate can’t be altogether a Bad Thing, crisis or no.

As for disruptive events, from the Dept. of Global Cooling Climate Warming Change:

...hands up all those who think that the Eyetie cop should have just drowned the little bitch right there… oh:

...all of you, huh?

From the Gloomy Commonsense Dept.:

...seriously?  Fill in the blank:  “This will _____ happen” and I’ll spot you the “n”, “v” and “r”.

...aaaah, that’s so adorable.  Again:  I’ll spot you the “n”, “v” and “r”.

...see the above two items for my response.

In International News:

...don’t worry:  a couple more Democrat presidencies and a few more Democrat-controlled Congresses, and we’ll soon make Venezuela and the others look like garden spots.

From the Dept. Of Crime (Non-Political Division):

...and there’s lots more happiness at the link.  (Point of order:  it’s not a Righteous Shooting because the choirboy survived the encounter.)

...all methods of which can be easily thwarted simply by disabling that stupid and unnecessary “keyless entry” system, and using the old “Club”.

And speaking of criminal assholes:

...stop teasing me, Jimbo;  you know how excited I get with this kind of thing.

Now on to the news that matters:

...and off you go to Linkland.

And in more INSIGNIFICA:



Finally, some health tips:

...oh, we all know about Yanet Garcia, don’t we?  Just in case:

Yummy Yanet — although I have to say that her derrière  is a tad bulbous for my taste.  Others may differ.

Now:  never mind the weather, get ready to enjoy the weekend.


    1. I just want to see how the Tesla performs after, say, five laps like that…

  1. The eco loonies should be removed from society. They can live in their mud huts on their own without pushing their lunacy onto the rest of us.

    More marksmanship training and practice for our good Samaritan please.

    Yanet Garcia? more please! Sure her butt might be a turnoff to pay but that is a burden some of us can overlook.

    Wanda Sykes is a hatefilled putrid puss bag with no redeeming value whatsoever. She made a comment that she hoped Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys would fail. Send her with Amy Schumer, Jenine Garafolo, Marget Cho, Kathy Griffen on Air Pinochet. I’m sure we could fill a C5 Galaxy or Starlifter or whatever that huge aircraft is called.

    Defund the FBI? I doubt that will happen. Is it still called a cock tease when politicians tease us like this?

  2. re: International News, your response reminded me of this:
    “I headed back for Colfax, easing over the worst of the chuckholes and weed-grown cracks, remembering predictions that if another Democrat were elected, there’d be grass growing in the streets within four years. They were a year ahead of schedule, but the Republicans could have done it cheaper.”

    Smith, L. Neil. The Probability Broach (p. 23). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition.
    Feel free to delete if this quote violates any laws/customs/etc
    Stay safe

  3. “…we’ll soon make Venezuela and the others look like garden spots.’
    And worse – all the fertile farmland anywhere near cities will be paved over with solar panels, thousands of acres in contiguous lumps of burning bird death, to save on transmission losses, especially after the loons awaken to the fact they don’t have enough “renewable*spit* energy to keep civilization going.
    This is already beginning in Maryland, where a government declared “Climate Emergency” allows Big Guv to seize any property via eminent domain. There will soon be no more truck farms or vegetable stands in Maryland thanks to these assholes and their wet dreams. Then there will be no more fruits a vegetables at al, because EV trucks will be too expensive and short ranged to fill the need from farms and ports hundreds of miles away.

    1. valine76 May 26, 2023 at 4:21 PM:
      That may mean rail makes a comeback. I remember the commercial saying ‘A train can carry one ton of freight 134 miles on just one gallon of fuel’.
      Then again, there’s the down-low responses to the EV push, like running ICEs on homemade alcohol, veggie vans burning waste oil, wood gas motors, the possibilities are staggering.
      Stay safe

  4. I’m stunned that the environmental nutters aren’t protesting turning fields into solar farms. The panels block sunlight from reaching the grasses and other plants in the fields. Insects and small animals depend on this habitat for food and shelter. this effects the rest of the ecosystem.

    1. Exactly. We have a disaster in the making; the high priests of all this are the vocal anti-carbon Climate Change nutters who’ve always neglected the actual chemistry and physics of our atmosphere and its relationship to living things, and instead act on their feelings. They are led by people grabbing power and grifting money, and all of them think when hard times and scarcity come, it will be borne by others, forgetting Mother Nature is an egalitarian bitch.

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