Cuius Emptat?

As the border crisis goes from crisis to catastrophe, I was struck by a pic that Breitbart News  used to headline this article:

Simple question:  Who paid for all those t-shirts?

I really, really think we should be told — and not just the name of the organization itself, but also where it gets its funding.

Of course, that would require some actual, you know, journalism.  So don’t hold your breath.


  1. you’re right. Who was it that broke Fast and Furious? can we get them onto this case?


  2. Whoever it was, they should be hung from a tree with a noose made from those shirts.

  3. It’s advertising dollars for a multi party business venture. And not just for votes. It’s for slaves.
    The cartels charge massively for the privilege of approaching the border and attempting a crossing. Much of that is logged as personal debt owed by the illegal to the cartel, which they will then spend years attempting to repay. The cartels are the ones that keep the balance sheet, though; once you factor in interest and fees, it can become an undefeatable debt, which they will spend years, if not a lifetime, in repayment attempts. Compliance is usually insured by holding family members hostage.
    And where do they get the money to make payments? Govt hand outs, and illegal under the table employment, in most cases.
    All those Democrats that wail and moan about construction crews? Their babysitters and gardeners? They want their little brown servants, and don’t give a damn where they come from. They just want personal servants that dare not talk back or disobey, lest they get deported and Abuela back home gets her head cut off.

    1. In 1988 the drywall and Stucco workers in Los Angeles were black middle-aged men.
      In 2011, the drywall and stucco workers were young Hispanics, and only two spoke English. I cringe to think what would have happened if a voice from next door had shouted “La Migra” while they were on the job.
      They worked for about the same price, which meant, factoring in twenty years of “minor” inflation, they were working for half price.
      People talk about paying “Living Wages”, until it’s something THEY have to pay.

  4. You paid for it, as US taxpayers. You really think those “refugee convoys” are NOT funded and organised by agencies of the US government, or at the very least by organisations funded by the US government?

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