Sheesh, if this story is true…

Oklahoma high school cheer coach Jennifer Hawkins, 45, was arrested for allegedly having sex with her daughter’s 16-year-old ex-boyfriend more than 300 times.

…okay, that was over five times a month, every month, for five years.  I know some married couples who haven’t reached a number anything like that in the same time-frame.

Ah, to be young and vigorous again.  It’s like a modern-day Summer Of 42, really — except that this lasted somewhat longer than Hermie’s one-nighter.

And don’t hit me with that “if the genders were reversed” nonsense.  It’s only when she started getting greedy that the kid got nervous.

I’m just chuckling over the kid boffing both the daughter and the mommy.  As a wise dude once said:

But I have to say, the Oklahoma Jennifer Hawkins doesn’t look like that Jennifer Hawkins.

In the latter case, the total could have gone from three hundred to three thousand, easily.


  1. Young teenage male getting to nail both a mom and daughter. That’s life imitating art, life imitates porn.

    Where were these milf moms when I was growing up? I would have given my left nut at 16 to have been able to slam a 45 year old milf.

    This ain’t rape. It’s a fucking dream CUM true!

  2. I think if he was doing Mom, he probably wasn’t doing the daughter as well. BUT …. when they make the porn movie next week it will be both PLUS the rest of the cheerleading squad – including the Nancy Boys.

    …. and I, too, wonder where all these people were when I was 16.

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