How About Just MYOFB?

Is there no end to this bullshit?

How often should you really be masturbating? Experts give weekly target for men AND women

I think the word “should” is the first word that makes my nose start to twitch, while “weekly target” follows close behind.

Of course, the answer is:  “As much or as little as you feel like”, but the real answer is “Just mind your own fucking business, all of you”.

Just in case you’re behind your weekly quota [sic], however, here’s a little assistance:

No need to thank me;  it’s all part of the service.


  1. I can just about remember back to the days of mini skirted and bra less hippie chicks when it was a daily limit. We didn’t go blind but most of us wear glasses.

  2. Hey Kim .. pic #2 .. I see what you did there. Sneaky, sneaky. Thx.

  3. You do realise the GOP would love to ban masturbation as immoral and a mortal sin?
    Or at least the strong radical Christian element among them would love to do that.

    1. When you look up “Total Wankers” in the dictionary, you’ll find the definition includes “strong radical Christian element”.

      1. That’s nice Kim, but it doesn’t illuminate anyone calling for legislation to stop masturbation.

        i’m sure there are others listed as Total Wankers including any number of celebrities, authoritarians, socialists, Democrats, Communists, fascists, etc.

        the thing is that most people ignore fundamentalist Christians just as they do muzzies etc.


  4. Um, Kim, would you mind very much if I downloaded a copy of that E-type?
    For a friend, you know.

  5. There’s been articles about the correlation between orgasm and prostate cancer for about 15 or 20 years, and the magic number was about 4-5 times a week.

    And there’s a lot of broads out there that could use a wank or 10 to relax them a bit, and maybe help them figure out how to get off with their partner.

    All the news that’s printed to fit.

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