Gratuitous Gun Pic: Henry Homesteader (9mm)

As pointed out to me by Mr. Free Market, this new rifle from Henry (SHOT Show video) has me a little twitchy (in its most positive sense):

Most interesting is that they can handle both Henry magazines and Glock ones as well (with a mag converter)   — although like most Henry rifles, it’s going to be kinda spendy (just under a grand MSRP).

I love the concept of “ranch” rifles:  handy short-barreled little things that increase the power of pistol cartridges with a longer barrel, and this one in no exception, especially as it resembles a Winchester 1907, has a wood stock and not that black plastic rubbish.  (I loved the Marlin Camp carbine for all those reasons, but it just wasn’t robust enough — the Henry, though, looks like a different proposition altogether.)

If Henry ever produces one chambered in .45 ACP that accepts 1911 mags, I’ll sell one of my other rifles to get one.  And that’s a promise.


  1. They should create a “universal magazine adapter” so that it can accept 9mm mags from a variety of pistols. Take Beretta 92FS for example. I’d be on it like steenk on a monkey.

    Imagine it with double 100rd drums.

  2. I don’t mind paying a premium price for a quality rifle. I bought a .44 magnum Big Boy 10 years ago as a present to myself for surviving a fight with the cancer monster. We’re both still around although the rifle is probably in a little better shape.

    The guys at Henry make fine guns. They even got the old AR-7 design to work. I’m good for a Homesteader and a couple of 33 round mags as soon as I can find the rifle for sale. In my old age I’ve learned that the difference between cheap ugly plastic and aluminum and fine wood and steel isn’t all that much.

  3. Kim,
    Given your fondness for the Marlin Camp carbine, it is easy to understand why you’d like to see this in .45acp, especially if it frd from 1911 mags

  4. I like the look and utility of it. I thought my missus would like it because she likes wood and blued steel firearms but she was less than enthused. I’d like one that would take a variety of magazines and doesn’t require disassembly to insert a converter.


  5. Mmmmm….in 10mm with A-Frame loads and G20 mags. Woof.

    Where’s that antifa punk and his 99 buddies. 😀

  6. So, they essentially came out with the Henry PCC to compete with the Ruger PCC.
    Except this one has wood furniture.
    Other than that, *yawn*.

  7. The Henry Homesteader is a Ruger PCC with dead tree furniture – for twice the cost. Fewer features, the Henry is missing the Ruger’s mini-Pic rail in the front, the integrated rail on the receiver, a takedown capability, and a variant with a metal m-lok foreguard and A pistol grip with a shoulder thing that goes up. The Ruger platform is also multi-caliber, currently chambering the 9 and the 40, with a promise of the 10mm, and the faint hope of even a 45, if we quit touching ourselves.

    Succinctly: the Henry is half the gun for twice the price.

    Aaaaaand… I want one. The Homesteader is way cooler.

    1. Another feature of the Ruger is that both the mag release and bolt handle are reversible. For a right handed shooter, setting the Ruger up with left side bolt handle and mag release does have an appeal.

      1. I know the Henry’s bolt handle can be swapped to the other side without tools (pretty neat). However, the spent brass is still chucked out the right side of the receiver. (Thank Gawd I pee standing up and use my right hand/ eye like any normal, sane person.) I think I heard the Homesteader’s mag release is also swappable. And the Henry does have the tang mounted safety, like a Mossberg shottie, for extreme style points.

        I’ve set up my Ruger PCC 9 with the controls on the left. My support hand does most of the manipulations, while the “master” hand maintains control of the firearm.

  8. Ugh. Straight blowback.

    As a southpaw, straight blowback actions basically blast my face with gunschmutz.

    Can somebody please put throw a basic mechanical lockup on these things?

    K. thx. bai.

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