Boomershoot 2023 ULD / Hunter

Reader (and previous winner) Topcat hasn’t let his disqualification from this year’s drawing get in his way, oh no. His email to me two days ago read:

Possible Boomershoot candidate

Best of both worlds?

I have to say that I like the look of the thing(s):

Essentially, it’s the same rifle — the Precision is a pound or so heavier because of the adjustable cheekpiece, and I think the larger magazine — which no doubt accounts for the extra C-note in the price thereof. Other than that: same barrel, same adjustable trigger, same bolt action; we may actually have a winner. (I can also do the same for the Hunter/Precision combo in .308 Win, depending on Reader preference: I myself have no favorites, but the .308 costs a couple hundred more than the 6.5 Creed.)

However: unless there’s somewhat greater interest in any rifle, this may be the Boomershoot 2025 drawing, because to date I think I’ve received but a few entries for the draw, totaling some $400 in ticket sales.

…worse still, I’ll have to hitch-hike up to Idaho, and nobody wants to see that.

So get onto it, folks, and send those entries in: $20 per ticket, up to five tickets per person. Zelle to kim-at-kimdutoitdotcom, or paper checks/money orders to the Sooper-Seekrit mailing address.

In drawings past, I’ve bought the rifle and scope ahead of time and waited for the ticket sales to catch up. Thanks to Bidenflation (LGB!!), that’s no longer an option. [200 ranty swear words deleted]

Thank you for your support.


  1. Hey folks, I can’t win and even I contributed! Get those checks and cash app payments inbound! This would be a sweet, sweet Sako rifle to win, especially with those fine optics Kim always chooses!

    YOU CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T ENTER! Every ticket buys a chance, so take a chance or two (or 5).

  2. I’m in by Zelle too. You’d be hitching a long time with that slung over your shoulder.

  3. I’m in by Zelle too. You’ll be hitching a long time with that slung over your shoulder.

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