News Update

No sponsor wanted to support this Roundup, which given its content, is not all that surprising.  So here we go: Captain Jack Sparrow won’t use a gun in any Pirates movie in future?  LOL

...I’m out of the loop on this stuff.  Does this actually mean anything? tomorrow’s news, cakes, biscuits and chips may prevent cancer.

...hey, if Russia was my next-door neighbor, I’d probably do the same.

...and once again, no mention of flogging or impaling.

...Lynda Carter, Angelina Jolie, Sigourney Weaver and Halle Berry were unavailable for comment.

...and it would be just as enjoyable to flog you with a sjambok for an hour or two, you fucking sicko.

...wait wait wait, I’ve been wanting to say this for years… the defense: “Bitch had it coming.”

...suicide?  No?  Then I’m not interested, and nor are any of my Readers.

...quoi?  Shome mishtake, surely.

And more from the “Hey, It Could Happen!” Department:


Damn Spelchek.

From the bowels of INSIGNIFICA:

..fellow rappers Carpet and Adjacent could not be reached for comment.

Finally, not our regular Paige 3, but from one of the original sources:


And that’s it, till next week.


  1. Not totally off subject, but “kinda” newsworthy. Sondra K and Doug M from Knowledge is Power seem to have wandered off again and are among the missing. Any news will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Intriguing fact:
    Formerly living gentleman — but tragically taken from us too soon in ‘a hail of gunfire’ — aspiring-rapper ‘Takeoff’ had a different name(s):
    * ‘Kirshnik Khari Ball’, aka ‘Kirshnic Khari Ball’.
    I think if my name was ‘Kirshnic’, I would have people call me ‘Khari’.
    But I am old-fashioned that way…

  3. …Lynda Carter, Angelina Jolie, Sigourney Weaver and Halle Berry were unavailable for comment.
    …so was Jane Fonda (Barbarella), but no one wanted to hear from her.

  4. Disney cannot go broke fast enough. I’ve disliked them for decades and their over wokeness just proves what smart people knew about them decades ago.

    Screwing a dog? get that sjambok warmed up. this guy is going to start off striped like a tiger until he is consistently red and bloody throughout. The way this gets mentioned, I’m going to have to buy one of these devices. They sound so handy that they are probably illegal around here.


  5. I’m not sure you could have chosen a more ghastly Page 3 model if you’d tried. Fake tan, puffy lips. way too much makeup…I’ve seen department store mannequins with more life than that.

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