Agricultural Totty

Apparently, there’s this Brit TV show called Our Yorkshire Farm, starring the matriarch thereof, Amanda Owens (45+).  I use the “matriarch” term advisedly, as she has foaled no fewer than nine chilluns (!!!) while working the sheep farm.

Here she is:

When not in farm gear, she doesn’t look too bad, either:

When asked how she still manages to look so good, she apparently replied, “chasing lambs, fakery and underwear” (which automatically endeared her to me, by the way).

She and her husband have split up, incidentally, but she still works the farm with him.


    1. She just moved out to a place nearby. My honest opinion? She’s bonking one of the TV people.

  1. Saw her as a link in one of your other posts. Was a fan then, still am. Nice looking gal and apparently none the worse for a well used birth canal.

    Whilst she’d be the type of gal I’d chase after I was disappointed to here she and hubby split. After 9 kids you’d think you would have it figured out.

    Suspect you’re correct about her bonking one of the TV types.

  2. We all know about the farmer’s daughter. This is the first time I’ve been interested in the farmer’s daughter’s mother.

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