1. Ivan and Sophia’s parents never stopped bragging about the “good deal” they got on that property just down wind of Chernobyl ….

  2. Your favorite food is now branching out into the clothing industry! Introducing Soylent Fashion!

  3. Yankee Doodle keep it up,
    Yankee Doodle dandy,
    Mind the music and the step,
    And with the girls be handy.

    1. That was then. _Now_ there’s another line for the LGBTEIO types:

      And even handier with the boys!

  4. Wild Bill’s first outfits were unsuccessful

    Visual evidence illustrating the dangers of veganism

    I have to hand it to the models

  5. “I don’t care how many fingers I have to break, Brenda — I need to pee, BADLY!”

    1. Ya beat me to it, Jack. If I ever wonder why I drink, I look at something like that, and I have all the answer I need.

      A reminder to the models: you can be nekkid without all that foolishness, and you’ll probably have a lot more fun.

  6. With little fanfare, the Jeffrey Dahmer evening wear collection was launched in New York yesterday..

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