1. In hindsight I realize a lot of my daily attitude is attributed to the interaction between my dad and I back in the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. My dad was a fixit kind of person and back then a lot of things were fixable. By being with my dad as he fixed stuff and helped out I learned big things and little nuances to working with a wide variety of tools and methods of achieving desired results, patience, and perseverance. These traits, learned when my age was down to single digits have lasted and expanded all of my life.

    Today the idea of taking the blown transmission out of the family car and replacing it with a rebuilt one is not a reality for may reasons beyond my control but yesterday I replaced the cord on my shop vac and built a set of wall shelves in the laundry room, all based on stuff I learned from my dad 60 years ago. I have the knowledge, I have the tools, and I recognize the need for such things. I’m eternally grateful for my one and only dad. Though he died from a heart attack way too early, at age 47 in 1980 ( was 25 at the time), in the years I knew him he packed a lot of living in and I will draw on my relationship with him all of my life.

  2. Yesterday, watching two videos from NYC involving violence in public places, I found myself enraged by the sight of “men” standing up and walking (or running) away. The flatulent mouths in the news media didn’t even acknowledge that such cowardice occurred, instead, blathering on about senseless crime.

  3. too many men have been beaten down by loudmouth harpies called feminazis. When a real man acts or speaks up they get very nasty very quickly.


  4. And then she meets a strong, independent, masculine man and goes “oh god, such mysoginy, I can’t stand it”.

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