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And on we go into the depths…

...I thought we’d done with this little trend, butt obviously not.

...actually, Weimar Germany never did anything like this to its citizens.  But the Nazis did.

...because the outcome of that discussion would be President Kamala Harris. opposed to the “rule by unelected bureaucrats of the EU”?

...into a (red) brick wall.

From the Dark Continent:

...kinda torn here, between “nuke the whole continent” and “kill every fucking monkey in existence”Simian bastards.

...and if you didn’t chortle at that headline, we can’t be friends.  Also:

...ah, Africa, where if it’s not one thing that can kill you, it’s another.

And speaking of ugly ways to die:

...because nothing says “patient safety” like “mobile abortion clinic”.

...having eaten steak and ice cream my entire adult life, I can confidently state that this finding is total bullshit.  Supporting references upon request.

...just how much more suffering can the Brits stand?

...considering today’s state-schooled youth, that’s hardly surprising.

...either way, their Democrat governors will screw up the disaster management response.  As opposed to:

...anyone care to guess how long this would take in, say, New Jersey under similar circumstances?

And in INSIGNIFICA, some breaking errr breeding news: 300 million years.

...okay, now that the Grauniad has officially declared her a Danger To Humanity As We Know It, I can make my own judgement:

I think she’s totally hot.

And here’s a response to an email from Reader Tom L, who wrote:

Which automobile is the right one for taking the new Italian prime minister for a ride?

How about one of these?

It’s Giugiaro and Bizzarini’s Iso Grifo Spyder, with its 5.4-liter 350hp small-block Corvette V8 engine giving the petite Spyder a top speed of over 170mph.

American power and reliability coupled with Italian design and styling — need I say more?

Back to my traveling companion:

I’d learn Italian just so Giorgia and I could discuss conservative politics (for the record, her “far-right” political position is, in American terms, ever-so slightly right-of-center;  a couple of weeks closeted with me, and the Left would become apoplexic)…

…that is, when we’re not eating tenderloin crostini and drinking wine together in some small coastal village trattoria.

Not that I’ve given any of this much thought, of course…


  1. re: the “red” brick wall. I certainly hope so, but the midterms will tell. If ’20 was as bad as I believe, then ’22 and beyond are not things upon which we can pin much hope.

    I need to buy more ammo.

    re: kinda torn here, between “nuke the whole continent” and “kill every fucking monkey in existence”. Simian bastards.

    Embrace the power of “and”.

  2. I guess NC is off the list of states to retire to.

    The FBI is purging conservatives? I believe every agency is getting rid of anyone with a conservative approach. I’m sure if you show a leftist bias, then you’d get overlooked while someone showing a conservative bias would be excoriated and expelled from the government.


  3. Aahh! Agreed! She is definitely somewhat more than cute, particularly the second photo is a wowser.
    Wonder if she goes for older men (uhh elderly maybe)?

  4. She already speaks English (her CPAC speech from a couple of years ago was really good), so you wouldn’t actually need to learn Italian. Of course if by doing so it made you more attractive to her… go for it!

  5. Well, you’ve declared that the Iso-Grifo is reserved for the PM and yourself, but who will be sitting in those other four chairs overlooking that gorgeous view of the Italian Riviera?

  6. Giugiaro and Bizzarini’s Iso Grifo Spyder is just the sort of advice that I visit this site to read.

    Reader Tom L

  7. Although it’s not Italian, if you couldn’t come up with an Iso, you might consider a Jensen-Healy, a big block Chrysler in a stretched Healy body, heh, heh, heh. Missed by one day a chance to drive one from Cali to Florida back in the wild days of my yoot.

  8. “Scientists’ terrifying warning.”

    As our mutual friend Jack Handey said, “Someone said that it’s scary how much topsoil we’re losing, but I told that story around the campfire and nobody got scared.”

  9. ” … a couple of weeks closeted with me, and the Left would become apoplexic)… ”

    Ummm, Kim, isn’t the word you want “apoplectic”?

  10. re — monkeys
    A Joe Rogan short shows a monkey dragging a human infant… apparently, intended for a fine dining experience.
    He describes chimpanzees attacking humans, destroying everything ‘human’ by chewing off faces and fingers.
    re — Italy
    “…Not that I’ve given any of this much thought, of course…”

  11. “…because the outcome of that discussion would be President Kamala Harris.”

    Who’d then appoint Hillary as VP if she’s not kicked out before she can which would lead to president Nancy Pelosi …

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