Slanted Coverage

As the Italian general elections of earlier this week gave rise to victory of a coalition of  “right-wing” and “neo-fascist” parties, the headlines were predictable:

CNN:  Oh Noes, Faaaaascists!

The Irish Times:  Just like Mussoliiiini!

BBC:  Europe Trembles!

…and so on.  (I may have jazzed up the headlines a little, but mine actually reflect the tone of the articles better than their own headlines do.)

Likewise, the pics in said outlets of future DagoPM Giorgia Meloni make her look like Chelsea Clinton’s uglier secret sister, but I am here to tell you that she’s not all bad:


But of course, none of that is important.  Her government’s future policies are, though, and I’m predicting that the EU “government” is going to assume the full hair-on-fire position when the Italian Navy starts blockading the north coast of Africa to prevent more boatloads of “refugees” from reaching Italy.

One of Meloni’s biggest fans, incidentally, is HungoPM Viktor Orban, and given how much the Eurocrats hate him, that should be good enough for any of us.


  1. the pendulum is swinging back where it belongs in Europe but I’m sure it isn’t going far enough right. I can’t believe these people have had 25 years to figure out that an unelected bureaucracy is terrible for prosperity and security. As soon as they weakened their borders and gave up their currency, their sovereignty was well on the way to disappearing


  2. So, she turns out to be as big a Fascist as Mussolini. So what? Most of the Italians back then didn’t like him, the Germans barely tolerated him, and the rest of the world was overjoyed when he was killed. I don’t think her overall plan includes invading Ethiopia any time soon.

    If somehow Ms. Meloni can improve things over there, they’ll be erecting statues of her throughout the land. Frankly, I don’t think she’ll do any better than her predecessors.

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