1. It would not be sufficient for Gates to sell his private jet. Someone else would then own it, and it would still be flying around emitted evil greenhouse gases. The transfer of ownership would not benefit The Environment in any way.

    No, if Bill Gates really wants to demonstrate his dedication to the environmental cause, he should DESTROY his private jet. There many ways he could do this, but here’s my suggestion: Park it on the tarmac at a major airport in a large Democrat-controlled city (Portland or San Francisco would be ideal). Invite all of the BLM and Antifa activists to bring their sledgehammers and crowbars, and let them have at it. Give them a week or so to wreck the plane inside and out. If they set fire to it, so much the better. When they’ve done all the damage they can do, cut up the wreckage and sell it for scrap.

    All of the wealthy virtue-signaling greenies should do likewise if they want to be seen as anything other than hypocrites. They should also burn down (not sell) their mansions and live in tiny houses or studio apartments. Their limousines and Ferraris should be driven into the crusher at the nearest scrapyard. And so forth.

    Finally, if the members of the World Economic Forum should be condemned as phonies until they all arrive at Davos by sailing ship and make their way from the river to the conference center on bicycles.

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