1. Soon we’ll be back to 1969.

    A mate of mine worked at Filton in the 60s and 70s and got to fly on Concorde’s test flights.

    Later on he got to fly as a proper passenger.

  2. Welcome to the 1960s. When global warming was global cooling and carbon was still one of nature’s building blocks.

  3. “Ow, you broke by dose!”

    “Wonder where my luggage is right now?”

    “So… when does the ‘Friendly’ part come in?”

    “Brand new technology, same old shitty food.”

    “I sure hope the US Navy isn’t conducting a live-fire exercise today…”

  4. There used to be a website called untied.com to collect horror stories about United Airlines. The airline’s lawyers managed to get it shut down.

    My story would have fit nicely there. It involved a 24 hour trip from St. Louis to Spokane, with a group of 6 people including my incontinent mother in her 80’s.

    Later, I spent 4 years as a traveling consultant, and during that whole time managed to only fly United once. It was once too many.

  5. Oddly, immediately after the luxurious Autonomous Airborne Vehicle leaves the big city of the east coast headed for the big city of the other coast, ground-based operators notice their inputs have little effect on the Amazing Flying Machine… and the nation mourns the loss of yet another Director of the FBI!

  6. Although touted — and ‘highly’ lol! — for their ‘sustainable aviation fuel’ — aka ‘saf’ — neither investors nor owners of the Amazing Flying Machines sourced the required amounts of the magic juice prior to ‘going public’… and yet another nincompoopery of balderdash crashes in flames (as the nation mourns the loss of yet another Director of the FBI!)!

  7. Dateline — Denver-based ‘Boom’ aircraft manufacturer:
    Astute observers note the confluence of recent easing of Colorado drug laws with the rise in nincompoopery of balderdash announcements for The Most Amazing New Gizmo(s)… as the nation mourns the loss of yet another Director of the FBI!

  8. I have had a long love affair with the Concorde. When I worked at JFK I got to go on board. Also cleared the diverse crowd who flew it. At the time I lived right under the flight path it took into and out of JFK. I would go into work often late so I could watch it at 9:00am fly a couple hundred feet above my house !

    It was, and remains the most beautiful airplane in the skies.

  9. Let’s all doff our caps and observe a moment of silence as, per his final request, the remains of yet another Director of the FBI perpetually orbits above the heads of the little people!

  10. $1000.00 R/T ORD, DFW or ATL to LHR, DUB or FRA and I am in. Would even tolerate 2K RT for SYD.
    Nosebleed $4000 or more per seat each way like Concorde, not interested as I am no longer corporate funded.

  11. Concorde passengers:
    Celebrities that have more money than brains, and F-1 drivers who never pay for anything.

  12. Boom Supersonic has been “set to start production in 2 years” for the last 10 years or so.
    They’re a clever scheme to part investors and potential buyers with their money (yes, people have already made deposits towards deliveries).

    I prevented a (very rich) friend from putting down a 25 million dollar deposit towards one last year, when they were claiming they were “ready to start production in 2023″…

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