Well, Now

This is one of the better comparisons between the .45 ACP and 9mm Europellet, because the targets are actually similar to the intended targets in self defense.

Quote of the day:  “Guys who support gun control have wives who have boyfriends.”


“I learned one thing today… ”
“I’m going to continue carrying 10mm.”

Fucking Millennials.  I nearly did a little wee in my pants.

But food for thought, nevertheless.  Me, I’m going to go for .45 ACP with lighter bullets.


  1. I’ll keep using my Beretta 92FS cause I’ve never been concerned about other people’s big dix.

    1. Be sure to change out the locking block every 10k rounds.

      My daily carry is a Glock 20 10mm.

  2. Related meme I saw some time ago, dude looking plaintively at his girlfriend:

    I said I was uncomfortable with a gun in the house. She said we should both see other men.

  3. I have no issue with packing a 9mm. I am well aware that each round is only at most about 64% of the weight of a standard 230g .45 ACP bullet.
    However, a Glock 17 carries about 243% more shots than an equivalently sized Govt 1911 (17 vs 7, not counting the magazine). A G19 has 215% the ammo capacity. And those tiny little micro compact Sigs have between 143% and 215% (depending on magazine size – mags can run from 10 to 15 rounds, depending on length), while still being far more concealable than even the smallest .45 1911, making them a perfect suit gun.
    I am fair confident enough in my abilities and faults with either cartridge being equal across the board, so for concealed carry social work, I will go with the 9mm. More rounds + greater concealment = win in my book. In an adrenaline dump situation, I choose a cartridge that allows for more bad hits and more misses (because unless you do that sort of thing often, adrenaline dumps and misses are very likely to happen) while still having ammo supply in the gun.
    In a more civilized world… I would carry a big honking revolver whose cartridge designation starts with a 4. I certainly have enough of them. But they’re my hiking and hunting sidearms, and are not easily hidden on my 5’6″ frame. A G19 and two extra mags work far better for carry in the modern world
    (Not knocking the 1912 or the .45 by any means – they are still every bit as effective as they were when introduced, and a little bit more, with modern powders and bullet designs. But they are no longer the ideal gun for ME to carry, according to my criteria, and have not been for quite a while)

  4. I love my .45’s because, well, I just do. I quit trying to justify it or argue it with people years ago. But I also have a bunch of 9mm handguns, and I’m known to carry a .45, or a 9mm, or a .38 snub. I just don’t care that much.

    I don’t expect to be involved in a circus like the Miama FBI shootout, so I don’t care about carrying 45 rounds of 9mm in 3 mags, don’t GAF. I also don’t care about accuracy or anything else in my .38 snub, if I’m sticking it in my pocket to go get a half-gallon of milk or gas up my car, it’s fine, says I.

    More often than not, what I actually carry is a 9mm, though. Loaded with a Federal, Hornady, or Winchester hollow point, I feel fine about that. At my age, I don’t have the interest or energy to argue it any more. Take it from Larry Vickers.


    Former Delta guy, known for his own 1911 builds, and Wilson guns he has specced over the years? Take it up with him. I’m on to other topics. 😀

  5. If only S&W made the 610 with a 4″ bbl, and 7 or 8 rd cyl – now that would be a suitable sub for a 1911.

  6. Oh, Gawd, Garand Thumb. Just as his stick grew extremely tiresome, he upped the stick a couple of notches.

    My carry is the G48 with Shield S-15 mags stuffed with 124 gr 9 mm euroweenie pellets. I’d like to carry a .40 S&W, but in my decrepitude, I can’t do controlled pairs like I used to. Sucks.

  7. “Me, I’m going to go for .45 ACP with lighter bullets.”
    My experience was that the 165gr CorBon .45acp was flinch inducing. (May have been supersonic, real screamer) The 200gr was okay.
    Plus, the 165’s wouldn’t knock down steel plates well at all.
    The potential problem with the 9mm is that if you end up only having ball ammo available ( SHTF times arrive), it’s history as a manstopper is poor. The .45acp in ball, however, seems to still work adequately.

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