1. Ryan Chapman makes some sharp videos.

    His “News Bias” video was a good one, too.

    1. Good stuff, indeed.
      I’d quibble a little about his conclusion, though. From his own account, “blood and soil” was to some extent a means to an end, an element of the propaganda cynically intended to unite the people behind the party rather than a core belief of the party leadership themselves. That said, yes, it’s a core belief of the followers all right.

      One thing that jumped out of that video was Shirer’s observation about the “stare of incredulity, … shock of silence” when contradicting some piece of propaganda nonsense. I’ve seen and heard that now and then over the years.

      1. PG303,
        Try to tell a believer that Global cooling, no warming, no acid rain, no climate change is just an unproven theory and they’ll go apoplectic. There are lots of other examples too


  2. I have other things to do right now but those are going to be watched later.

  3. I enjoyed watch Spitfires and Middle Age Sex, I knew a lot more about Spitfires having read a lot of books telling the stories about the youngsters who flew them. Thank You Kim for the nice vids to watch as I spent a hot afternoon inside where it is cool.

  4. All three were great videos, and a wonderful way to spend the afternoon after hosting at the Farmhouse. I, too, was hoping for some “Middle Aged Sex” tips and pointers, but since I’m also an amateur historian I was not too disappointed by the final link.

  5. I watched the Fascism video between yesterday and today. It’s definitely interesting and I’m glad he listed his sources. I believe fascism goes beyond the blood and soil concept. that’s hyper nationalism and I believe fascism goes far beyond that. Fascism has a component of authoritarianism or totalitarianism to it.


  6. “Miss Shilling’s Orifice.” The irreverence it takes to win an existential war. 😉

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