1. The picture of the living room with the fireplace looks so inviting! When I worked second shift, I’d get home around midnight or later. My missus would be asleep so I would let her know it was me and not a burglar. Sometimes the dog would come downstairs with me and it would be nice to sit in front of the pellet stove in our fireplace, listen to the wild wind outside and either read or just enjoy the situation.

    New York isn’t far and I’d love to visit some of the sites there but not until the city is safer. The first thing they have to do is ditch the commies in power in NYC. I don’t see that happening anytime soon


    1. There is nothing quite like being snug at home with a storm outside. Not so big a storm you’re afraid the shingles will blow off or trees will pull down power lines, but as you say, with the wind outside and maybe a little rain on the window panes.

      1. you’re right! stormy enough to keep me inside. I tend to grab my book of Holmes stories on nights like that or some other mystery.


  2. The question should not be New York or Beirut, but rather, which destination do you stand a better chance of using the return ticket.

    I believe I’ll be staying home, in my own old bed, and be happy for it.

  3. I prefer driving across the US. I can leave when I want, take my time, stop when I’m hungry etc. Airline travel is about as attractive as bus travel. Too many people around and being driven like cattle is completely unappealing.


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