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So put them on, and let’s examine the news.

only ONE inmate?  The Clintons must be having money problems.

but you have no problem with states sharing personal data when it come to guns?  Got it.

And on the latter topic:

said negotiator being none other than Texas Senator John Cornyn.  I’m sure that the thousands of blistering phone calls he got from angry Texans had nothing at all to do with his walkoutAnd on that same note:

don’t make any long-term plans for your future in the Senate, Bubba.

ye gods:  I had no idea we were in THAT much trouble.

okay, sweetie:  name ONE.

that’s only relevant if his mistress had made that a pre-condition.

couldn’t happen to a nicer shithead.

“simulate”?  Where’s the fun in that? 

and that’s enough of your party’s bullshit.  You start it, Bubba, and we’ll finish it.

feel free to add the adjectives “Black” and “White” where appropriate.

sure.  Start with the biggest offenders — China and India — and let’s see how that goes.

yeah, I’m sure he’s going to get right onto that, given that he declared war on the energy industry as a candidate.

And in the “Who Cares?” department, a.k.a. INSIGNIFICA:



and nobody cares, boo hoo.

And lastly (with link):

the “business meeting” being no doubt with some “clients” at the docks during Fleet Week:

So much for the news…


  1. Unfortunately Cornyn and his pal Lindsey Graham are not up for reelection until 2026.

  2. far too many RINOs in office. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Murkowski, Snow, Collins and others are bad for our country. Graham showed some flash of spine a few times but he’s unreliable. They have not business in a position of responsibility. They’re far better suited to maintaining a dog park with their Democrat co-conspirators


  3. Totally off subject, but important: Sondra K and Doug over at are missing. Anyone knowing of or about them?

    1. Sondra’s long time friend and web host passed on suddenly, and there are major technical issues to wade through on his well-secured servers to get the site back up.
      Personally, Sondra and Doug are fine.

  4. If that last photo is “business casual”, would someone please post a pic of what weekend full casual looks like? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  5. Apparently, Bella Thorne tattooed a couple sentences on her knee.
    Any guesses as to content?

    1. No need to guess. It’s “Just let go” above the knee, and “Hang on for dear life” below it.

      The Internet knows all.

  6. Seeing the term ‘Fleet Week’ took me back 45 years or so, boom, just like that.

    Twas New Years Eve in Honolulu, my wife and I were wandering around Waikiki killing time until a Rich Little show was to begin. Any of you Olde Phartes (tm-DuTuit MegaCorp) remember Rich Little?

    Anyway, the US Navy fleet was in town, my wife was 24 and in my opinion attractive, which opinion was shared by the young sailors who thronged the streets. They did everything in their power to separate us and pick her up. Nothing nasty or crude, just young, fun, smart ass, healthy young men doing their best. They tried charm, they tried trickery, they offered to buy us drinks.

    I was nervous, my wife enjoyed every minute, flattered to pieces. In the end, we bought them drinks, had a nice chat, my wife told them ‘no chance’, we had a great time, wonderful nice young manly men. They went on their way unabashed, attempting fresh persuasions on every woman 50 years old or less they ran across.

    Fleet Week was not all bad.

  7. Cornyn booed at State Republican Convention…..
    So….You did go.

    Democrat predicts……The good times are coming.

  8. Bella: The Daily Mail calls those “tiny shorts.” In Sow Theffrica they would be called “granny broeks” and in the SADF they were known as “Santa Marias.” The problem with being a Very Dirty Old Man like me is that youth is no substitute for hotness.

  9. “Democrat Predicts ‘Impeachment,’ ‘Violence,’ And ‘Even Civil War’ If Republicans Win In November”

    That’s not a prediction, it’s a threat. Why is the Daily Wire soft-pedaling the Democrats’ political terrorism?

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