Quote Of The Day

As timely as ever:

“The truth is that, to many people calling themselves Socialists, revolution does not mean a movement of the masses with which they hope to associate themselves;  it means a set of reforms which ‘we’, the clever ones, are going to impose upon ‘them’, the Lower Orders.”
— George Orwell

Corollary:  “…and exile, punish or execute all those who refuse to accept the reforms.”


  1. Larry Grathwohl, the FBI informant who infiltrated the Weather Underground, reported that the members of the WU figured that, after their revolution, they would have to eliminate 25 million Americans who could not be re-educated. 25 MILLION. The population of the U.S. in 1970 was a little over 203 million.

    1. Do you have a link or recommendation for information on the Weather Underground or how the government infiltrated these radicals?



      1. JQ – I sorta remembered the quote, but not the guy who said it, so I Ducked it. (I use DuckDuckGo for searches, not Google.) I got Grathwohl’s name and Ducked him and WU together and looked through the results. The best article (IMHO) was from a Spectator article: https://spectator.org/54386_patriot-larry-grathwohl-65-infiltrated-weather-underground-indicted-bill-ayers/
        The article also has links to a book he wrote, a YouTube video, and transcripts of his Congressional testimony.

  2. What is amusing to me is that my kids school assigns Animal Farm but not 1984. I think the reason is that they know Orwell had his finger on the pulse of the totalitarianism inherent to Socialism.

    1. Whoever is picking the books may think that _1984_ is too dark for children. It’s about realistic people, where _Animal Farm_ is about cartoonish anthromorphized animals. I disagree, but I know there are many who think _Diehard_ is too violent for their kids but let them watch _Roadrunner_ cartoons.

      Or they may just think that _1984_ is too long and too hard to read.

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