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And now for a gay old time:

oh, yeah, babyThis was said like it’s some kind of problem.  Predictably, some assholes have a problem with this:

oh yes, we are.  Not like anyone cares what some NYC media hustler thinks.  These guys don’t, anyway:

and why?  Because not ONE of the gun control bills suggested so far would have prevented either the Buffalo- or Laguna Beach shootings.  And speaking of liars:

you had me at “Biden lied”.

yup, because in the history of the whole world, only Black people have ever been fat.


can you spell “box office disaster”, children?  Of course you can.  Seems like they didn’t learn from these guys:

and did they go woke, children?  Of course they did.

From the Dept. of POLITICKS:

key word:  Oregon.  And speaking of the Far-Left:

Australia Elects Ultra-Green Asshole As Prime Minister
yeah, this is going to end well.

but that’s not a terrorist threat, of course, so *crickets* from the DoJ/DHS.



…and here’s the unlucky Rhian:

…struggling to walk:

And that’s all the news that’s fit to watch.


  1. re — homosexual BOLSHEVIK beats normally BOLSHEVIK
    Eugene, Oregon.
    I live here, no idea there was supposed to be another election.
    True fact.
    In the comments after the linked press-release, commenters use the term ‘red state’ while discussing Oregon.
    Back in the olden days, those dirty commies were ‘the reds’, as in ‘those dirty reds’, ‘she is a dirty red’, ‘my dog caught a dirty red peeping in the bathroom window’.
    ‘The back-hoe got a good work-out Sunday morning… a bunch of dirty reds.’
    Now, suddenly, apparently, the dirty reds are blue, normal folk are reds?
    Well, if that is the case, what colors are BOLSHEVIKS?

  2. We have guns because we like guns and we’re citizens, not subjects….for the time being.

    The Gloom and Doom statisticians don’t like to report on the various causes of death by shooting. The great majority of those who are shot to death are suicides. Multiple murder by rifle fire hardly makes a blip on the chart.

  3. Jerry Rivers should go back to Chicago to continue his search for Al Capone’s vaults. He opens his mouth to get attention so he says foolish stuff. He’s such a fool.

    Rhian whoever she is looks just fine and I’m sure she can walk just fine too.

    America has 50% of the world’s guns? Come on slackers!! pump up those numbers!!

    The criminal in Buffalo released a manifesto that was filled with racist nonsense and claimed that he specifically targeted minorities that would be disarmed by the state.

    Margot Robbie in a film isn’t a disaster if you mute the volume.

    Looks like the moonbat left is getting in touch with their Weather Underground type malcontents.


  4. 4% of the population, 50% of the guns

    Our State Department, if they were worth their salt, would make a serious point of promoting this factoid to the entire world, especially the troublemakers and wanna-be bad asses. Don’t mess with us, EVER, but especially not now, as we’ve been more than a little aggravated lately.

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