News Update

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And so after poor Marie’s fate, more bad news:

then “NO PENIS NO VOTE”.  See how that works?

like eating ham through the wrapper.

fuck off, fascistTell you when I and most gun owners might accept a set of federal gun laws:  when they are identical to those of Texas (including Castle Doctrine and others of that ilk), and as long as the poxy NFA is also repealed.

From the Dept. of Irony:

…or “because of”?  I get so confused

oh stop it, I just can’t deal with this bullshit anymore.

in which we see the dangers of someone editing what you write (original headline in link).

lessee, now:  hundreds of BLM rioters looting on that day, and she gets charged?  (Episode #1,343 of “guess the race”, with a twist).

sheesh, and I thought $120 for a bottle of wine and two salads was expensive in Monaco.

all part of that “culture sharing” thing in EUtopia.  Still on trains:

Nostradamus Kim predicts an increase in crime on LA transit lines.



And finally, a fond farewell:

Whoa… some actual news in there.  I’ll try to do better next time.