Quote Of The Day

From Kurt Schlichter:

It’s kind of a cliché when libs howl that Ron DeSantis is even worse than Trump, but in fact, the governor will be much worse.  Trump was elected to stop the elites’ new order.  DeSantis will be elected to destroy it because Americans will no longer tolerate leftist intolerance.


News Roundup

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And in that vein, let’s lead off with this:

to which I say, “Amen”.

so nice to see that we’ve reverted to the word’s original and proper meaning (happy, joyous, etc.) instead of as shorthand for “homosexual”.

small wonder the Democrats are trying to decriminalize child abuse:  it preserves their funding sources.

apparently this was done as mockery.  I hope that’s true.

key word:  “Wales”.

key word:  “Scotland”Still would like to have been there, though:  sounds like a decent party.

Dept. of Covidiocy Update:

of COURSE it could.

to the surprise of precisely… nobody.  Just in passing, does anyone remember that in WWII Britain, crimes of this sort were punishable by hanging?


maybe that would represent an improvement for NYfC, I dunno.  And:

because of course she does.

am I the only one who thinks that this punishment is somewhat… excessive?

And speaking of (no-link) INSIGNIFICA:



I was going to post a link to the article, but all those pics are blurred or else with her boyfriend.  Here are some better ones:


And that’s it for the news.