1. Homonyms are one of several things (like infissile infinitives) that make the linglage anguish such a wonderful tool for exposing the falsity of the belief that education is an object rather than a process.

  2. Yet another fine example of the public education system at work!! As if cashiers giving the wrong change or not being able to make proper change without the aid of the cash register wasn’t bad enough. Now with online media, blogs, social media and such we get to see that these uneducated participant trophy acquiring imbeciles can’t write or spell in addition to not being able to do simple arithmetic. Good God help us!!!


  3. This isn’t spell-check’s fault. It can only detect misspelled words. It can’t detect cases like this one, where the writer used the wrong word, but spelled it correctly. The blame lies with the Daily Mail’s editors, who made the same stupid decision as so many other publications: they assumed that if you have a spell-checker, you don’t need copy editors. As if spelling errors are the only kind of errors that exist. But they’re not, so you need an actual human being to proofread the copy and spot errors in word usage, grammar, punctuation, logic, and readability. But that costs money, so the idiots in charge prefer to just run it through a spell-checker and then publish it without any further scrutiny.

    Of course, some blame has to be reserved for Emily Knott, the semi-literate “journalist” who wrote this piece. She doesn’t know the difference between horde and hoard, and can’t be bothered to look it up. I put “journalist” in quotation marks because this is not a news or feature article by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a paid advertisement.

  4. If the shoppers are freeze-dried, cryogenically preserved, or gene-encoded then there’s no reason a retailer can’t hoard them. Thawed out or rehydrated or whatever, they’d be hoards of shoppers.

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