1. Well now, I looked at her current pictures and she looks kind of like a lot of older Dallas women who live in the better zip codes, she appears to be kind of taxidermied. Looks as if a big smile might crack he face and her eye brows are riding rather high, she was and is a beautiful woman but I prefer the more natural look on ladies in their 70’s like my beautiful, old wife. Hey, that’s just me.

  2. The best plastic surgery money can buy. Just don’t look too closely or at the parts that are normally covered. Every thing stretched tighter than a snare drum and just as flexible. I’m with the OldTexan , my wife is old now, just like me, but we can still remember when we were 30 .

  3. Probably TMI but I cannot count the number of childhood erections garnered at Miss Carter and the execrable “Wonder Woman” show.

  4. Plural marriage is Biblical, ya know. 😉
    Besides, wives are like kids, one’s a pain in the ass. Two keep each other company, as long as you carefully curate the selection. 🙂

  5. About 30 years ago now, my wife and I were walking across a parking lot near one of the studios in Burbank, and saw Ms. Carter driving out in a convertible Mercedes…

    She was quite a handsome woman then, after her prime show days. My wife saw my attraction and told me that if it was OK with Carter, it would be OK with her…

    She was funny like that.

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