MILFs Behaving Badly

My current obsession, 51-year-old Claire Sweeney is doing it again:

Not to be outdone, Amanda Holden (of similar vintage) is also being disgraceful:

Too be honest, Miss Holden is a little too bony for me — La Sweeney is far more to my taste — but if the girls want to be outrageous and can carry it off, all’s well, say I.

It sure beats looking at this:



  1. How would YOU like to be hitched to someone who could
    lie at the drop of a hat about anything at any time ??
    And if you have to ask which one I’m talking about you need
    remedial training !

  2. I think Psaki is Zuckerberg’s sister. Both have the same dead eyes, long nose, big chin, like they were spawn of the same Alien.

  3. What’s with the leather and chains outfits both are wearing? (Or are you into that sort of thing, Kim?)
    And I don’t think Miss Sweeney knows the correct definition of “fire crotch”.

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