No Real Choice

Last week I got an ad sheet from a gun outlet which, as I read down the page, got up my nose.

Let’s just say, ad arguendo, that a guy had no interest in any gun that shot either the 9mm Europellet or the 5.56mm poodleshooter.  I know, in these modern times it’s not a very fashionable position to take, but nevertheless.

So how would said guy respond to an ad sheet like this one?

All the handguns look the same, distinguished one from another only by a string of incomprehensible alphanumerics, and they’re all striker-fired plastic fantastics.



  1. Much like looking at new car ads.
    Everything’s the same except for small insignificant differences.
    This is pretty much happening across the board with everything.
    Nothing is really advancing so the manufacturers crank up the gaslighting. I’m not easily purchased.

    1. The cars look alike because ever since President Jimmah was in power, the Government has resided in every automotive design studio that wanted to sell its products in the United States, under the guise of fuel efficiency. Ever increasing CAFE “standards” have caused car brands to increasingly look alike as the wind tunnel pushes them to the slippery mean. Only the badges and occasionally the grille remain as distinguishing marks.

  2. I’m betting the sales sheets are computer generated using either a) the leading sales figures, i.e. last week’s most popular buys, or b) inventory figures, i.e. here’s what we got a lot of, we need to sell it. Your or my personal preferences has little to no part in it (aside from the fact that we are gun customers).

    9 mm compact striker fired pistols are the hot concealed carry market right now and selling like hotcakes, apparently. I have one, nothing special, basically like buying a store brand hammer cause it’s on sale and I need a hammer. No particular desire to buy a second one. And really, no heartburn if the po-po confiscates it after a (legally justified) self-defense shooting. I can buy another tomorrow to replace it.

    But yes, I get 3 or 4 of those a day and it’s a damn pity that there’s never a revolver or rifle worth looking at.

    1. As the saying goes, “‘Inventory’ is stuff you own that your customers don’t want to buy.”
      They all seem kind of small. I would want to test drive before I buy.

  3. I had to look up SAR USA so I did and found out that they are imported from Turkey and they might be decent guns for the price even if they are plastic. Also looking at the list it appears that an average first time buyer with a limited budget can have some choices in an easy to shoot and easy to feed 9mm gun. Not a bad thing to be able to own a gun in most states in the USA and a good time to purchase for those who have not done so yet. That’s what I see in the ad and I still like my old style High Power and 1911 made of metal because I am an old man.

  4. I might leave said advertisement in the bathroom “for emergency use only,” but not before removing the staples first.

  5. At least one of them, the SAR, is unique in that it has flip up “sites”. None of my guns have sites and I think that feature ought to be investigated.

  6. Kim, that SAR sorta looks like something Jerry would have used on the Eastern Front. Maybe buy it and imagine yourself piling up dead commies? Of course the rear stock needs to be changed.

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