1. I’m reminded of a quote from a movie, “Mrs. Whistler DID want some pictures of the canals for the children.” from “Diamonds are Forever”


  2. They are both great cities, but climate plays a role. Madrid in summer is too hot and Amsterdam in April is too cold.

    Lifestyle too – in Madrid, you’re not getting much to eat in the early evening except pub food. Restos open at 9 and by midnight the town is hopping and popping, the streets thronged and not just with party goers. Old crocks like wife and me wander about, mixing with young parents pushing prams and literally tens of thousands of young people out to party in La Latina, which is the place to go.

    I hate these travel posts of yours, makes me want to leave now.

    1. I worked with a man who once said to me, “Every time I see an airliner I want to be on it. Whenever I am actually on one I want the trip to be OVER.” The first part is true for me when I see an airliner or when I read your travel posts. Mass air travel hasn’t improved in Coach over the last thirty-three years.

  3. Take your wife with you in the spring or fall in Spain. Go to Amsterdam by yourself in the summer and take lots of cash.

  4. Ah Amsterdam! I spent nearly a week there years ago. It’s a lovely place. It’s on my list of places to revisit.

  5. As an addendum – Today I went to one of the most beautiful places on earth and returned to another of them.

    For the first time in 2 years I was able to drive into Montana at the Roosville crossing, buy a few things, talk to some old friends, have a beer and drive back to Baynes Lake BC. I’m currently sitting on my deck watching Bull mountain’s snow gleam through ultra clean air in brilliant sunshine.

    We who live in Canada and the US must never forget that we live in paradise, and European cities and countries, nice as they are, are just not as good.

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