1. And Clint partnered with Sondra Locke.

    Must be true what they say about Crazy Sex.

    Not true in my experience… Yes, dear…

  2. While the aesthetics of the 50’s aren’t to my taste, I must say that Ms. Corday does give the impression that she’s a human capable of spontaneous happiness, a rare quality amongst those whose public and professional personas involve being photographed.

  3. Ohmigosh! Mara Corday, the hot chick from “Tarantula”. ( I believe filming that is where she met Clint Eastwood.) Good choice.

    She had more talent than she was allowed to show.

  4. What a beauty!
    I find it a little disturbing that all my favorite great beauties are in my parents’ generation. (Ms. Corday is three days older than my mother.) Ms Corday was Playmate of the Month in 1958, by the way. She gives my all time favorite Ava Gardner a run for her money, although looking at her bio, I infer she was not the hot crazy mess that Ava was. Wikipedia seems to think Ms. Corday is still alive, which would make her just 92.

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