I see that the “goodwill” visit of the future King of Britishland to Jamaica has been anything but, as the rather churlish response shows:

Jamaica ‘ready to move towards removing the Queen as head of state and becoming a republic as soon as Kate and William get on the plane’

See, in the days of yore, the monarch would respond by forcibly repatriating all UK-based Jamaican residents to their homeland — along with any progeny.  (Britishland does not have a U.S.-like “citizenship through birth” policy, so they could kick out anyone they want to, pretty much.)

But these are not the days of yore, sadly, so that won’t happen.  Instead, the U.K. will have to brace itself for a flood of Jamaicans arriving in London ahead of their “independence”, as Jamaica slides into the usual Third World pit, and those left behind will discover that freedom from the yoke of British paternalism (born of slavery) will have some extremely nasty consequences.

And I hope they get it, good and hard.


  1. Britishland should welcome the opportunity to rid itself of a money pit which no longer brings in enough income to pay for itself.

  2. Been to Jamaica once when I was on a cruise and I wouldn’t return. There was a 15 foot high chain link fence with barbed wire around the police station and the police patrolled in limited areas while in pairs. It’s already a very poor and depressed country. I worked with someone who went on their honeymoon to one of the resorts. He said that every time they sailed passed the breakwater, people would come up in boats to offer them drugs.

    Great Britain would better off repatriating Jamaicans with their homeland.


    1. It’s not really bad until the cops won’t patrol except in groups of four, like in NYFC’s Hell’s Kitchen and Five Points.

  3. Reparations again? they’ve never been slaves and they want money from people who never owned slaves. Utter nonsense. It was Western Civilization that abolished slavery and significantly stemmed the slave trade. Slavery still exists in Africa, the mideast and parts of asia. If they get reparations then there should be a deduction for them not being lion food.


  4. A small point of order: the thing has to be ratified by a referendum. I expect that those in power will try to rig things their way – it is notoriously corrupt – but there remains the possibility that ordinary Jamaicans will see sense.

    Of course, with Brenda on her last legs, the British response will be to set the date of the coronation for the day after Jamaican independence. 🙂

    1. Who’s Brenda? Justine Trudeau? There were lots of “Let’s Go Brenda” signs in Ottawa before the Canadian national government went all Soviet on the truck drivers and everyone who fed, housed, or spoke to them.

      1. Brenda is how the Brits refer to the Queen (cf. Private Eye magazine) so they don’t get into legal trouble when talking about her.
        For reference, future King Charles will be “Brian”.

  5. Jamaica IS a third world country. The only reason it’s not quite Haitified is tourist dollars. Most, if not all the resorts have a policy, something like signing yourself out of a hospital against doctors’ advice. If you leave the (fenced and gated) property, other than with an organized tour group, you’re on your own. You literally have to sign a form acknowledging you were warned not to.

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