Waking The InstaBeast

Ooooh you don’t want to get Dr Professor Reynolds angry:

WHEN BIG FIRMS REPRESENTED AL QAEDA TERRORISTS, we were told that everyone has a right to representation.

Yet big firms were bullied into dropping Trump as a client, none of them appear to be offering pro bono representation to the January 6 defendants, and now we see this: Harvard, Yale, And Stanford Law Students And Faculty Pressure U.S. Law Firms To Cut Ties With Russian Clients.

So given that lawyers apparently are morally responsible for their choice of clients, I think it’s fair to criticize Ketanji Brown Jackson for representating accused terrorists.



  1. Didn’t someone in the past say that to know who rules over you, you just have to find out who you may not criticize?

  2. Colleges and law schools have moved away from teaching strict interpretation of the constitution for decades. These lawyers eventually become lawyers and work their way through the system. Unfortunately many states appoint judges for life. I think they should be subject to recall every few years and have a stronger oversight board that actually removes judges whose rulings are overturned by higher courts.


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