Helpless Laughter

Larry Correia has already warned the Left about getting what they seem to wish for;  and now some creature named Michael Anton done an article, only to be brutally Fiskicated by Ian Gruene.  (Insty already linked to it, but I can’t resist piling on.)  A sample, talking about the great “right wing militant” trope:

But this question also depends on what you consider “right wing insurrection”. If you are talking about a half-dozen fruitcakes with an underpants-gnomes plan then no there won’t be many. Mostly because troublesome fruitcakes are a very small problem no matter what the subject is.

On the other hand if you are talking about people who think most or all of the U.S. government need to be killed, I have bad news for you. A large swath of the country considers that question settled and are now concerned with the doctrinal issues of whether it is best to follow the teachings of St. Augusto of the Whirling Blades, or St. Tepes of the Artificial Forest.

For those to whom the latter references are unfamiliar (and bless your innocent little hearts), allow me to represent them in pics:

Anyway, follow the link and have a chuckle.


  1. “…concerned with the doctrinal issues of whether it is best to follow the teachings of St. Augusto of the Whirling Blades, or St. Tepes of the Artificial Forest.”

    Why not both?

    Never let it be said that I’m inflexible. >:-]

      1. While I agree in principle, I have to fall on the side of Air Pinochet solution, for several reasons.
        1. I see giant wooden spikes as a waste of good gunstock material, and they can’t be recycled — blood does horrible things to wood, don’t ask me how I know this.
        2. The noise of the chopper blades drowns out the screams, whereas a field of populated spikes — you get the idea.
        3. Chopper pilots need the practice and flying hours.
        4. No hassles with disposal of the remains: hello, fishies and crabs. It’s just a cleaner solution all round.

        What I want to know is: where are the gallows and firing squads in all this? Have we forgotten our roots?

        1. Yes , but there are parts of US that are too far from the Air Pinochet solution zone. But fortunately, there are vast largely inaccessible areas open areas that serve a similar function.

          Firing squads are an acceptable solution.

          1. ….on reflection, the source material seems to be concentrated conveniently near the oceans so maybe not so much of a problem.

        2. We don’t need wooden stakes. Fabricated metal stakes will do just as well, they also have the advantage of durability in case we raise another generation of morons that require them.

          Plus, there is a lot of room in the desert southwest that can benefit from both irrigation and fertilization. I dream of a green SW Texas!

        3. Drop them from the chopper; extra points if they impale themselves when they stop falling.

  2. One reason an occupying army can get away with outrageous behavior is that their homes and families are out of reach of retaliating insurgents.

    And one thing that seems to be missing from any discussions of “Will our local police/military neighbor kick in my door” is that their homes and families are NOT out of reach of retaliating insurgents.

    Someone employed by the government to kick in their neighbor’s doors is one day going to have to choose whether to go to work and kick in their neighbor’s doors or call in sick and defend their homes and families from the real retaliating insurgents.

    Nothing makes you re-evaluate your values quite like returning to a smoking hole where your house used to be.

    I’m not encouraging such behavior, but once that switch gets thrown to the CW2 position, all bets are off.

  3. Causing me to laugh out loud while my wife is teaching a virtual science class is…frowned upon in this establishment.

  4. ” whether it is best to follow the teachings of St. Augusto of the Whirling Blades, or St. Tepes of the Artificial Forest.”
    And what about the Italian creed of St. Benito of the municipal hanging decorations?

    Choices, choices…..

  5. what’s the story with St Tepes?

    Can anyone recommend any good books about Chile and Pinochet’s rule?

    Thank you


        1. Kim,
          Thanks for the heads up. I’m familiar with Vlad the Impaler discouraging the invasion of his country from the East.

          I’ll search for Pinochet.


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