Dickhead Alert

Adding stupidity to enmity, we have this priceless pearl of wisdom:

“Israel is a racist European ethnostate built on stolen land from its indigenous population!”

Let’s take this little sentiment apart, shall we?

If we’re talking Israelis and Arabs, it can’t be “racist”, you flaming asshole, because both Israelis and Arabs are of the same race, i.e. Semitic.  It’s like a Londoner being accused of racism for calling a Liverpudlian a “fucking Scouser” — they’re the same people.

If your hostility is directed towards the concept of an “ethnostate”, then yes, Israel is by definition an ethnostate — Jewish — as are all the -stans:  Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Iran, Iraq, etc. — all Muslim.  (Also, Arabs and Christians may live and practice their religion in Israel — unlike the reverse in any Muslim nation.)

And the Jews are “European” only in recent historical terms — having had their land stolen from them by Romans and Arabs, and forced to flee north into Europe, a.k.a the Diaspora.  In terms of heredity, they’re as European as, say, Pakistanis living in London.

We brushed on the “stolen land” concept above, but the continuing fallacy of Jews having pushed Arabs out of Palestine is nonsense — Jews have lived in Palestine for thousands of years, and have just as much if not more right to the land than the scattered Arab tribes (indigenous, my ass) in the area.  You may as well say that the Jews stole the land from the Hittites while you’re about it.  (Speaking of Palestine:  there’s no such thing as “Palestinian” — they’re Arabs.)

Finally, it should be known that this asswipe, Hussain Altamimi, is a legislative assistant to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (Soc, NY), and it’s small wonder that he’s found a happy home there, she being of the same anti-Semitic persuasion as he, the Commie bitch.

Monday Funnies

It’s the first Monday of the New Year!

Try to contain your excitement.

Anyway, some New Year’s thoughts:

And some fresh smut for the new year:

Guns and scantily-clad women:  that should set the proper tone for 2022…


From The Englishman, a correction to my New Year’s Eve greetings post for the Brits:

“Please note it wasn’t the “Brits” but only the English who were allowed to party together with their Celtic neighbours who escaped. I hear Bristol was very full last night.”

It took me nearly two decades to stop referring to all inhabitants of the British Isles as “English” or “Englishmen”, and now that I’ve finally got that straight, it appears that I’ve gone and fucked it up again.