1. Looks like the red light district in LA.
    Lord knows what kind of diseases they carry.

  2. I took a ride on that Train in my early 20’s. It was great fun until it suddenly wasn’t. The trick is getting off the train before it derails spectacularly. Easier said than done.

    Apparently, now these girls are well labeled. back then, the only warning was large boobs and small brains.

  3. I hate to say it, Kim, but I am not seeing a whole lot of difference between your regular “Women” pics and your “Train Smash Women” pics. They all seem to have the same thing in common: “massive mammaries” all out of proportion to their figure. I don’t know, maybe it’s a Brit thing.

    Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers, so carry on and I’ll still keep coming and enjoying your site.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  4. Damn, it being a new year and all, I was hoping for some Trad (traditional) Wife material.

    If I boinked one of these chicks, I would live in mortal fear every time I pissed for the rest of my life.

    Thanks for the pics, erudition (on countless vital topics), and wisdom, as always.

  5. Whew boy, most of those totties need to lay off the fish ‘n chips. The others need to reconsider their fondness for the tattoo parlor.

  6. I do love your train smash women and any one of them would make my life miserable but the masochist in me would probably take a chance with some of them….

    Not sure if that is some kind of a New Years Resolution or not. Heading to the cupboard for the gin.

  7. Those dresses, if you can call them that, were two sizes to small at the beginning of their revelry, and four sizes too small by the end of it.

    They should all be arrested for smuggled large amounts of crack.

  8. I have never seen a woman with a tattoo who wouldn’t have looked better without it.

  9. I think you mistakenly included a still from one of the Lord of the Rings movies in there. Specifically, pic #3. I’m pretty sure that center one is an orc.

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