Random Totty

This is close to being the final detritus swept from my various picture folders.  I can’t remember most of their names, so you’ll just have to do the search thing if you’re at all interested.  Most are Brit “celebrities”, or else just random things who have caught my fancy as I scour the Internet for stuff I’d rather not talk about right now.  Enjoy.

This one is some Canadian TV presenter, I think:

Tomorrow we’ll return to seditious ill-tempered rants, guns, gas-guzzling cars and similar evil stuff — in other words, it’ll be back to normal


  1. Number 5 should probably cancel her subscription to whatever fashion magazine she currently receives.
    Number 7 is obviously well-trained by the owner of the masculine hand owned by the driver of the car she is entering.
    The rest are very nice, as high maintenance trophies have to be.

  2. Totty. I think you have the wrong vowel in there, buddy. The last one, in yellow, is a quite famous p*rn star who is originally from the land down under. Ironically, her face is her fortune as that kind of beauty is more rare than her other assets.

  3. The one you captioned as possibly being a Canadian tv presenter looks to be Hannah Simone, who was born in London, but is of Indian descent. She’s an actress, best known for her part in the stupid sitcom “New Girl.”

  4. Kim,
    Pic #2 .. black wrap-around dress, slit, lots of leg .. I do think that is Ariel Winter .. with a bad hair dye and after boob-reduction surgery. I’ll have to study the pic some more to ensure correctness.

    @Windy – totally agree w/ you re: #5, but I bet she’s a freak

    @Geek – thanks for the link

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