Yes, It Has

Here’s a headline which made me giggle like a little girl:

Rittenhouse Verdict Has Leftist Rioters Worried: “It fundamentally changed
the culture of protest”

The punchline is equally delicious:

This is still America, much to their chagrin, and in the absence of police protection and intervention, the American people can and will protect themselves and their fellow citizens from lawless mobs bent on mayhem, violence, and destruction.

Remove or incapacitate police, and yes, Americans can and will step up to lawfully fill that vacuum. Who couldn’t see that coming?

Read the whole article, and don’t have a mouthful of coffee while doing so.


  1. The lefty’s still own the narrative, I know too many people, that if you push them into a corner will admit the news doesn’t “always get it right”, but reflexively follow the narrative. It’s too scary to accept the institutions you’ve believed in your whole life, are not working in your interests.

  2. …and, YES, the police are there to protect the lawless from The People,
    not the other way around.

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